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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Breaking Dawn Movie Rumors: 2 Parts? 3 Parts?

Okay, apparently it was believed that Breaking Dawn would be split up into three parts, three movies, as is in the book, and we would get several parts in each version. But, regarding if they all would be released at the same time or seperate dates was yet to be shared. We didn't get far into this rumor, until it was confirmed false. However, because we have not heard of a filming date, a release date, a director, or even who will be screen writing--or who will be signing back on for the first movie--we are pretty much clueless on the fourth Twilight installment. Two parts could be possilbe though. Even author, Stephenie Meyer, shared that the movie would be very long, and she wouldn't want to cut out much of anything, or skip over any main point. Now, I, as a Twilight fan, would gladly sit through a three hour movie--that is if it was Breaking Dawn. It is just Meyer's opinion that there should be two movies, though.
Ashley Greene had shared that she thought Breaking Dawn rehearsals would start right after Eclipse's.
Catherine Hardwicke and Chris Weitz both shared that they don't know if they'll be back for Breaking Dawn--and we haven't heard anything from David Slade.
All the Twilight Saga stars shared they had only originally signed on for three movies...not four.
Melissa Rosenberg from the beginning shared she had only written three Twilight Saga film scripts...not four.

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  1. I hope, hope, hope they do split Breaking Dawn into 2 movies - 1. So we dont miss anything but 2. Because they are going through these movies and producing them so fast, that while I am excited for that, I will be so bummed when there aren't anymore - the inticipation is great, so knowing there would be another after the first half of Breaking Dawn would stretch it out for us Movie Lovers longer - just like Harry Potter.