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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Harry Potter Vs. Twilight: Final Decison

400 million copies sold for a 7-book-series is Harry Potter. That's about 60,000 copies sold for each book.
30 million copies sold for a 4-book-series is Twilight. That's about 7,500,000 copies sold for each book.
So technically, Twilight is more popular than Harry Potter.
And, Twilight has taken the top 4 slots in th book list, which Harry Potter has never done. And Twilight has been in the top longer than Harry Potter.
So, based on facts, Twilight is the final winner for Harry Potter vs. Twilight.

Peace Love Twilight


  1. I like both Harry Potter and Twilight, but I'm sorry, your calculations don't make any sense. If the Harry Potter books sold 400 million books of the 7 part series, the average sale for each book would be 57.14 million which is significantly larger than Twilights average of 7.5 million books sold for each book. However, I think Twilights sales are a bit larger than that 30 million sales mark, even if they don't quite have the sales that the Harry Potter series does. Then again, Twilight hasn't been out as long as Harry Potter and we surely don't know how much more popular Twilight can get. Even if it doesn't reach the HP sales, that doesn't necessarily mean it's not as good though. Both series have done extremely well and neither will ever win the battle because everyone has different opinions to which series they prefer. Not everyone will ever agree on which series is better.

  2. Sorry. Sometimes I have a dry sense of humor.
    I thought it was clear to everyone that my calculations are exaggerated.

    Sorry people! ;)
    -Princess Twilight