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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kristen Stewart in Dazed And Confused Mag

Okay, I was just holding off on this, because it just didn't interest me as news, but now I decided to post it. And instead of putting it in lots of different posts, I decided to do a big one with all the news on Kristen Stewart's appearance in the Dazed & Confused mag. This magazine hits the news stands August 20th--tomorrow.

Here's a snippet from her interview:
DD: You have any aspirations to do anything

Kristen Stewart: I know that will just naturally
become other things, other than just acting in movies. I don’t know what the
fuck I’m going to do. I write shit or whatever. I am going to make my own movies
with my friends, absolutely, and I might not only act in them. But really? I
love this, I love what I do, I am definitely going to keep doing it if I feel
this way about it. That could stop, but until then, I’m just going to just
write, make movies, play music.

Here's another interview snippet:
"The fact is, the paparazzi and most interviewers,
they want your soul," she said in the magazine.

"It's so scary because your persona ... and I guess
I nowhave one, because people think of me in a certain way ... is all based
entirelyon quick snippets of crazed moments in your life. And that is what
people thenbase their entire opinion of me on that."

She added that in those interviews, people can
misconstrue what she says in any number of ways. "Anything you say can come and
bite you in the ass," Stewart said. "It's not even like you saythings you don't
mean, it's just that sometimes they come out wrong."

Read the rest here or here
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