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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Muffins Are Hot. When Theyre Next To Taylor Lautner They Sure As Hell Are!

Muffins are hot now. When they're next to Taylor Lautner and all his other wolf buddies and their 8-packs they sure as hell are! ;)

Okay, so we all know--if you read the Twilight Saga, but I mean, who hasn't?--that vampires don't eat anything...but, we also know that werewolves--as their mortal enemies--eat a heck of a lot. And we also know that the has-been-never-will be ;) pack leader Sam has a fiance, Emily, who he imprinted on. We also know that Emily, being the second cousin of Leah--Sam's previous love and high school sweetheart--has the role of cooking for her, Sam, and the rest of that hungry wolf pack. Boy can they eat, and the Qulieute decendants generally not having a lot of money, means they have to eat quick, eat a lot, and make it cheep. That's why the muffins.
If there's one thing Twilighters are hungry for these
days, it's beefcake. For proof, look no further than the latest "New Moon"
trailer, which features Taylor Lautner, Kiowa Gordon and their wolf pack buddies
without shirts on. But according to the duo, there's a different, top-secret
treat fans should be looking forward to when the film hits theaters in November:
"I call it 'the muffin scene,' " revealed Gordon, who plays Jacob
Black's friend Embry Call in the flick. "We all gather around at Emily's house —
she's Sam, the big pack leader's, fiancĂ©e — and we all just gather around and
eat muffins and talk about stuff."
As those who have read the Stephenie
Meyer novels know, this inserted scene is rife with dramatic and humorous
possibilities. At some point in the saga, Sam Uley imprints on Emily — the
second cousin of high school sweetheart Leah Clearwater — leaving Leah more than
a tad bitter. The scene takes place on the La Push reservation, with many of the
key Quileute characters interacting while they partake in their bountiful
breakfast. But why muffins?
"We like muffins," Gordon said, revealing that
the Quileute wolves have a taste for more than vampire flesh.
"The muffin
scene?" Taylor Lautner grinned when we told him of Gordon's comments. "I didn't
have the pleasure to enjoy any muffins.
"When they were eating their funny
little muffins, I was standing in the back, all pissed off," Lautner said of the
scene, which depicts Jacob as not being too thrilled with the whole imprinting/
turning-into-a-wolf drama. "So I just got to watch them eat their muffins."
According to the buff, 17-year-old star, Jacob will spend much of "New Moon"
in a mood that not even a tasty pastry could cure. "He's a little upset. He's
pissed off a lot in this movie, for many different reasons," Lautner explained.
"Maybe because he just transformed into a werewolf. But he's a little grumpy at
that moment. So I just watched them eat their muffins."
An intense Taylor?
The news might be shocking for those die-hard fans who have come to know and
love the actor as a happy-go-lucky guy. But according to Lautner, he can put on
his game face when he needs to.
"Oh," he promised with a wicked grin, "I can
turn it on and off."

Peace Love Twilight

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