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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Part 7: 100 Reasons Twilight Will Save The World

61. It's bringing people closer together
62. It's teaching older people how to use the internet
63. It's teaching young-one--like my 8-year-old niece--how to use the internet--and search for
Robert Pattinson pics--which an amazing and coveted talent ;)
64. It's inroducing many to the world of blogging
65. It's making everyone more cautious--at least of sparkling volvo owner ;)
66. Instead of turning your kids' brains to mush by watching that crap on television, it's being
mushed by a responsible, handsome, and perfect Edward Cullen at the computer chair :D
67. You're little kids aren't afraid of vampires anymore--and you don't have to crush yourself to
the small side of the single bed with your six-year-old
68. It's wasting money on Edward posters, and Twilight magazines, so you won't buy fattening
fast food or the pick-me-up candy bars
69. It gives you an object of common interest when your speaking with a friend's mother who
you absolutly despise--heads up to Eric Casey
70. It's working a muscle that isn't usually worked very often--your finger muscles! ;)

Peace Love Twilight

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