New Moon Countdown

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Part 8: 100 Reasons Twilight Will Save The World

Curtosy Of Bella:

71. It addicts you to the point that you buy an Edward poster and stand-up...which gives you
someone to talk to when your boyfriend is on a business trip--or avoiding you...
72. When you're on your period and feel as if no one understand you, you can always re-read
Twilight or talk to your inanimate Edward stand-up--again
73. When you feel as if you're making a big decision in your life, you remember what Bella went
through in deciding humanity or immortality--which makes you feel like a big wussy ;)
74. It convinces you to do crazy things you never would've done before--such as riding motor
cycles, going cliff diving, and swimming in the cold La Push ocean
75. It inspires you to waste your money traveling the world--Montepulicano, Italy and
Vancover, Canada and Forks, Washington and La Push, Washington and Volturi, Italy and
Los Angeles, California
76. It introduces you to many news things--Muse, Paramore, Edward Cullen, etc.
77. In introduces you to one of the most ridiculous and innapropriete--and hilarious and totally
true--blogs ever, TWITARDED
78. It introduces you to one of the most addicting drugs on this planet--no not, heroine, silly;
79. It makes you buy a Volvo--and that sure has a positive influence on you bank account (and
that sure as hell was some dry sarcasm)
80. It makes you name your twin girls Kristen and Isabella--and your triplets Nikki, Rosalie,
and Rachelle. And your two other girls Victoria and Alice. And you twin boys Kellan and
Ashley. And makes you want to name your-boy to me Emmett. And you name your girl dog

Peace Love Twilight

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