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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Robsten Official!...To A Point

Dear Ted:As we all know by now, Kristen and Rob are definitely and firmly
together. In your opinion, what is keeping them somewhat in hiding? Is it the
insane media pressure that will certainly only get crazier with their outing
themselves, or is it Summit wanting them to keep quiet? In my opinion, wouldn't
them being together only make for more interest in the movie? I loved Twilight
before Robsten and love it more now! Secondly, knowing that Rob and Kristen are
somewhat private people, do you think they ever regret getting involved with the
Twilight phenomenon?—Chad

Dear Yawn:Sweet pea, I feel like I've answered this
question at least a dozen times by now. Rob and Kris are under the harsh rule of
big bad Summit, and aptly so: If they broke up before the movies ended, there
goes the franchise. And please...privacy aside, these two are the luckiest
youngsters in the world right now. They should be so happy to be involved with
everything Twi.

Okay, well there you have it. I think it's a good way to state it. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart want to be together, but can't because of one of the following reasons: A) Summit won't allow it because it could hurt the franchise, B) they're afraid to be together because they are both very quiet people, C) they don't want to dissapoint the fans, or D) already having the papz following them like crazy, they don't want anymore attention.

Gotta love E!
Source: E!Online
Peace Love Twilight

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