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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Super Secret Eclipse Set Stalking News

Huh, I kind of really liked that title. :-) This is not a secret anymore, as TwiCrack pointed out and maybe this is why we hadn't gotten any Eclipse Set-Stalking pictures--vids, news, etc.--and why we will now:
We've broken the code. Vampire lovers on the Twilight
trail should be looking for productions signs bearing the letters TSE.
That's the top secret code name used for the production of Eclipse now
shooting in B.C.
New Moon used USM, which stood for Untitled Sports Movie.
This shoot uses the working title TSE, or Twilight Saga: Eclipse to throw
vampires some garlic and keep them off the scent.
(TSE is also an acronym
for Total Solar Eclipse)
Shooting for Eclipse, the third film in the Twilight
saga started this week in Vancouver.
The operation is so covert, even top
Vancouver casting people aren't getting the locations and call times for actors
until hours before.
What we do know from our sources is that crew has a 1:30
call time to show up in Langley today, with actors on call a couple of hours
later for an all-night shoot. (They are vampires, after all.)

Read the rest at Vancouver Sun
Source: TwiCrack
Peace Love Twilight

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