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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Twilight Review: Movie, Book, Acting, Writing

Movie- The movie Twilight, an adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's novel Twilight, was directed my Catherine Hardwicke and the screen play was written by Melissa Rosenberg. Following the hypnotizine world of Stephenie's, Twilight brings that TV out of your head and puts it on the big screen. So far, this movie as made about 150 million dollars world wide.
Book- The book Twilight, written by Stephenie Meyer, came from a dream. The idea came to Ms. Meyer in the middle of the night, admist a dream. It didn't take Meyer long to write the book, and soon it was published and out for people to read. The book grabbed a hold of not only teenage girls, but also men and women from age 8 to age 80. It's wonderful wording, and mystical world of vampires attracts readers in, and doesn't let them leave. The first book, by itself, has made about 8 million dollars world wide.

Acting- Some believe the acting is ammature, but it is anything but. The main character Bella in Twilight, potrayed by Kristen Stewart has had plenty experience before her Twilight role. Acting from age eleven, and having parents already in the business this young girl was only destined for greatness in this industry. Starting in the Safety of Objects, and being in fifteen other movie projects before entering Twilight, this girl was a star. Mind you though, she's not your Miley Cyrus. Currently she was filming as bad-ass Joan Jett in a re-make of the Runaways.

Writing- It is believed that what draws readers into Stephenie Meyer's world of make-believe is the way she wrote the book. It gets you interested right away, gives a common interest to almost anyone--a teenage girl, moving, parents divorced, etc. Starting it out as just a normal girl, who discovers something impossible and fantastical is what is believed to allow everyone to really relate.

Peace Love Twilight

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