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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wizards Of Waverly Place: Stole Wizards vs Vampires

These wizards, are the television favorite. From the hit Disney show, Wizards of Waverly Place.And those wizards on television recently had a special of episodes, called Wizards Vs Vampires in A Four Part Blood Sucking Saga.
Does it remind you of a real-life controversy? Such as: Twilight vs. Harry Potter.

And does the Four Part Blood Sucking Saga remind you of a four part best-selling vampire series?

And, doesn't that make you suprised that some lawyers aren't lawyering?

Seems to me that way.

I'll post more later.

Peace Love Twilight


  1. twilight is totally GAYY but i will watch it!! Wizards of waverly place is the best show eva ohh and both taylor and robert are butt ugly no1 has ani taste like look at them compared to cole and dylan sprouse, cody linley and other people. i dont care if you think im being mean because it is open for interpretation....judge me all you want because im not coming bak 2 this site l8rz

  2. Since I cannot remove that comment, I'm going to make this a learning experience for all of us.

    A) I appreciate you sharing your opinions [and I kindly over looked the fires at Twilight and Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson]
    B) And this is all open for comments and opinions. Not sure interpretation is the right word.
    And C) I will judge you, because this is my site, and I don't take crap very well.
    D) I work very hard to keep this up and running, and it would be in the goodness of human nature, if you kept your hurtful and personal opinions about this site, out of it.
    AND E) No one asked you to come to this site. You came to it on your own. And, all those readers who care--or at least, care more than you do--would be pushing you at the door. As am I.

    Get the hell off my site.
    Thanks for your opinions.
    And with NO RESPECT: EFF YOU.

    Thanks all you loyal readers, and apoligize you had to hear that. And, as for the person who's using my gmail, which is preventing me from the blocking that comment, EFF off, and EFF with someone else. Screw you.

    I apoligize--once again--loyal readers.
    -Princess Twilight

  3. I LOVE Twilight, i am team Edward.I do not care about looks i choose him because he is nice he cares for Bella and plus he deeply loves her:) i like him :):):)But i honestly think wizards of waverly place copied from twilight it bugged me a little but then i thought well if Stephanie Myer is ok with this then i should be too.I cannot do anything about it i should be happy.Vampires have been around for hundreds of years so it is not like Stephanie Myer created them.I am sorry if this is rude please forgive me.I love vampires and i want my own Edward Cullen some day.But please do not come and make rude comments about shows you do not like, do not even bother looking it up if you hate it! I am a twilight LOVER so i am very annoyed to those who make rude comments.If you were starring on that movie and you saw a rude comment you might start thinking that you are a bad actress or actor.So please re-think your comments before you post them.And please do not bother looking stuff up just so you can leave a rude comment on here for the whole world to see.I am not even in my teens and i am maturer than those of you who choose to do wrong.I am very disapointed in you.You should feel ashamed of yourselves.

    I am sorry if this affends anyone but it is true.
    -Supernatural luver