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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Real Or Rumor: The House Behind Tabloid

Okay, I'll bet all the smart, sensible, and realistic twilighters passed over this rumor like it was nothing. We've all heard the rumors that started every since Twilight began regarding Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. The pet name Robsten was developed early on, and has definetly lived up to it's least in the tabloids, but in reality we have no room to speak. So, since new rumors come up every other week, we learn to pick and weed out the owns that are true and throw away the ones that are, well...honestly crap. Now, when it is crap, the rumor will be defunked within three days, a week at the most.
So, having said that, why hasn't this rumor that was "crap" been defunked yet? Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have denyed that they are "an item" but we still have thoughts. Rumored to be together, caught kissing at a concert, flirting looks and talk, 'fake' proposals, relationships broken, and NOW they're moving in together? Well, it could be true. And that rumor is attatched to this one: engagment, real engagment. These have been up for at least 10 days and are still going around. Into more detailed, Robert and Kristen were house roaming in LA and were look for specifiically a 3 million dollar house. Don't you think it's funny how much inside information they have? And don't you also think it's funny that Kristen wanting lots of fire places, three bedrooms, and a pool? More details. And they might've found the exact house? So, if anything, it's getting pumped with more information, not defunked.
Peace Love Twilight

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