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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Taylor Lautner Vogue Cover

I think I've mentioned Taylor Lautner's getting the cover of the October Teen Vogue once here, but here's some more links.

Taylor Dishes on Twilight Rumors, Paparazzi, and Selena Gomez:
According to Taylor, there is a very specific sort of girl who's going to sign up for what's become known to Twilight fans as Team Jacob. "If she likes having a really close friendship with a guy," he begins, "being able to tell him anything, and then having that friendship slowly transform into something more...." The seventeen-year-old stops himself and laughs. "I find myself using the word transform a lot lately," he explains, "because that's what Jacob does."

Behind the Scenes of Taylor Lautner Photos:
TAYLOR, ON HIS ALLEGED SUMMER FLING SELENA GOMEZ: "She's a great girl." TAYLOR, ON THE PAPARAZZI: "You can't ever really get used to it, because it's not normal to have people snapping pictures of everything you do. You just have to try not to let it affect you."TAYLOR, ON CAREER ASPIRATIONS: "I really look up to Denzel Washington as an actor. I'd love to do a film with him one day in the future. That would be my dream come true. And I love the action-drama films like Matt Damon and Brad Pitt do."

Taylor Lautner Interview:

Taylor Lautner Quiz:How big a fan are you of this month's cover boy, Taylor Lautner? Test your knowledge with this Taylor-themed quiz.

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Thanks Jo Shoe for the heads-up!

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