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Friday, December 11, 2009

Eclipse Countdown

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Breaking Dawn OK'ed By Producer

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Robby P Vanity Fair HAWTness Prt 1

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Lutz and Meraz Hotness

Check out this Twi-Guy hotness:

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KStew Movie Shots

Here are shots of Kristen Stewart's movies "The Yellow Handkercheif" and "Welcome To Riley's":

Welcom To Riley's-

Yellow Handkerchief (+trailer)-

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New Moon Movie Mistakes...So Far

Okay, maybe I was too abosrbed in Taylor Lautner's 17-year-old hotness, but I didn't notice any of these mistakes in the movie. How about you guys?

When Bella is in the parking lot at school in the beginning, Edward walks toward her. Bella's hair is neatly pulled off to the side. When he leans in for the kiss it is suddenly stuck to her forehead, and when Edward tells her Jacob wants her, it's suddenly back to normal.

In the scene where Jacob is talking to Bella on the beach about Victoria, his shirt starts off as a dark gray colour, then it changes to a brown colour. It does this a few times during the scene.

In the montage scenes where we see Bella's depression, when the camera is circling her, the camera man is shown in the mirror (twice) behind her.

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Twilight, The Nitty and The Gritty

An author for "The Huffington Post" shared her thoughts on New Moon and Twilight--labeling the fact, the fiction, and the fantasy.
Okay. Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year, you've heard all about the Twilight phenomenon. The throngs of screaming girls subsided briefly, only to be thriving once again with the release of New Moon. What I find the most fascinating is that the media is acting like the "vampire phenomenon" is a new thing. That couldn't be further from the truth. Hello? Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, The Lost Boys, Interview with a Vampire and of course Dracula. I have been an avid reader, like many women, of paranormal romance for years.

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Oh, and just a shout out to my new fav website, Open Book Society, you rock! :-)

New Moon November Rates

This is how much money New Moon made by November 30th:
$230.95 million dollars in the US and $473.8 million dollars worldwide.

Go ahead. Scream.
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Ashley Greene on Ellen Degeneres Show

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Martha Stewart Show: Chaske Spencer

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Nikki Reed vs Seth Green

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Twi-Ladies Ashley and Nikki on Bonnie Hunt

Here are Ashley Greene's and Nikki Reed's videos of themselves on Bonnie Hunt Show.

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Kellan Lutz on Bonnie Hunt Show

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12-year-old-Twilighters Strike Again!!

Hehe. I can't decide whether to laugh or shudder in fear at this, er, "new piece of information."
There's a "Twilight" crime wave sweeping the nation -- particularly at Burger
King restaurants -- and all the suspects seem to be the most fearless creatures
on the planet ... teenage girls with a crush.

TMZ has learned multiple Burger King restaurants across the country are reporting life-size promotional posters of Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson are being ripped right off the BK
windows in broad daylight ... horrible time for a vampire.

So far, the interstate theft has affected BKs in Maine, Delaware and Montana. One Burger
King rep tell us, "The girls just walk up in the middle of the day ... rip off
the posters and run ... we've had to replace them over and over."

Well, uh, we do love our Twilight...?
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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wolves More Than Abful Hotties...Who Knew :)

An writer for shared how wolves are much more than one large bag of hottness in the twi-world:
The tiny town of Forks, Washington is the place where the Twilight movies have been filmed, including the latest in the series called “Twilight: New Moon”. The vampire/werewolf saga has become a box office block buster and has turned Forks into a fledgling tourist town.
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Breaking Dawn! Trending Topic :-)

Variety blogs talks about how "summit is pondering twilight finale.":

Sources said Summit has so far only gone as far as setting scribe Melissa Rosenberg--who wrote the first three films--to finish the series, but Summit has to clear several hurdles before telling Rosenberg if she should write one scripts or two.
Among those hurdles is figuring out whether “New Moon” director Chris Weitz will respond favorably to overtures from the film company and the cast to return and shoot two more films, back to back.

Summit execs would not comment, but multiple sources said that the film company wants to go the two-film route, which means re-opening negotiations and getting approval from the author. It also means making new deals with a principal cast that is only locked up for four films. If “Breaking Dawn” becomes two pictures, all of the key cast members will get fat raises, and the three principals—Rob Pattinson, Kristin Stewart and Taylor Lautner—could land eight-figure paydays.
Summit hasn’t closed a deal for “The Gardener,” probably because the film company wants Weitz to postpone it and work on “Breaking Dawn” instead. Could he possibly resist the chance to finish a global franchise he helped build, even though it will mean more time away from his family for a long shoot?

Though Summit hasn’t officially made Weitz an offer, sources said the job is his if he wants it. After bringing in “New Moon” at around $50 million and keeping the cast happy, he’s the logical choice.

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Breaking Dawn(s) Directors Pt. 2

Here are some of Moviefone's suggestions for the director of Breaking Dawn(s):

Catherine Hardwicke: She brought the first movie to life and set the stage for other directors, so it might seem fitting and nice that she tie it all together in the end and reunite with the original cast as the curtain closes. However, her lack of experience in special effects -- and the general sense that the first 'Twilight' film didn't meet expectations -- makes her a long shot.

Peter Jackson: Best known for bringing 'The Lord of the Rings' novels to life on the big screen, he is a master behind the lens. His ability to turn a simple conversation between characters into a highly detailed scene could take 'Breaking Dawn' to the next level. Jackson's background in the fantasy genre would be a perfect fit for the Bella transformation plot of the final novel. Just imagine the power of 'Twilight' and 'LOTR' fans united.

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Now what do I think regarding teh Breaking Dawn(s) directors? I think that if it is in fact going to be seperated into two movies, they should have Chris Weitz direct the first part and put his unique edge to it, and then let Catherine Hardwicke tie the saga up with her odd style and the unique ending.

Breaking Dawn(s) Directors Pt. 1

From my blog Krazie Kids Next Door:

  • Follow this link to the video, and skip to 2:50 and listen. They talk about Breaking Dawn almost officially being split to two films.
  • Follow this link to watch a video where Ashley Greene and some dude that works in Summit Entertainment talk about the director for Breaking Dawn, and Jamie Campbell Bower’s opinions.
  • Follow this link to watch a video where Robert Pattinson discusses his opinions on the Breaking Dawn director.

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Secrets Of Eclipse

Eclipse secrets from my blog Krazie Kids Next Door:

Now, Eclipse. No doubt at least 85% of you have seen New Moon. Right? Well, that probably means you’re dying to see the third, Eclipse! Right? Well, here’s five secrets of New Moon:

  1. It’s Darker
  2. There Will Be Less “Love Story” and More “War”
  3. The Werewolves Will Crank Up The Sex Appeal
  4. There’s More Action
  5. The Ending Will Be Nicely Set Up For A Fourth-And Perhaps Fifth-Film

To read more about this, look at the souce, ‘Rotten Tomatoes.’ But may I just note on that fifth right there? Ashley Greene had made the, most likely correct, assumption that if New Moon does well, they will no doubt started filming Breaking Dawn around the time Eclipse is released into theaters. But I want to know what the freak they’re doing. One movie, two movies, three movies, I need to know! One movie, I’d be okay with. Three, hell no! Two movies would be perfect. Perfect so they don’t cut out EVERYTHING, they don’t end up with a three and a half hour film, they don’t spread it out for like three years, and we get just the right amount of Twilight. Get what Im saying?

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Taylor Lautner!!!!!

From my website, Krazie Kids Next Door:

And but of course, I have pictures of the smexy wolf himself!:

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