New Moon Countdown

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Moon, New Moon, New Moon!

I have New Moon movie info!

1. Dakota Fanning so close to signing Jane role in New Moon.

2. Fancinelli (Carlisle) is so excited about starting to shoot New Moon in March. Also, even though he hasn't seen the final script he's excited to do one scene with Kristen Stewart.

3. November 20, 2009-- New Moon release date! Some other places are saying the 15th, but obviously somewhere around that time.

4. So sad to have Hardwicke and a new director directing, all I'm going to say is that this Chris Whites guy, better not mess it up.

5. Taylor keeping his role as Jacob, thank god!

6. Vanessa Hudgens auditioned for the role of a Clearwater in New Moon. Since this character doesn't play a major, they probably won't cast the character until Eclipse. We'll see Vanessa! Now, in my opinion, Vanessa Hudgens should stick with that High School Musical stuff where she bleongs!


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Twilight Jewlery

Hey all you people who have Edward's poster hanging over your bed! How are you? So, anyway, there's been alot of different questions on a lot of different jewelery used and described. So I'll start one by one.

1. People are asking about Rosalie's necklace, here's the link to find some places to get it

2. People have also been asking about Alice's necklace, here's a link to find some places to get it

3. Then people (I'm one of these people) have been wondering where to find Bella's charm bracelt she recieves in Eclipse here's a link to find that


4. People were also curious about the black rubber bracelet that always seem to be worn by Kristen Stewart and how they're bent and stuff. Well you do have to fold them yourself and I got some for my friend from Claire's

Then there were just questions about some of the jewlery, and this one really intrigued me to figure it out.

Q. Where do all of the Cullens wear their family crest?
A. Well, it's pretty obvious in the movie how the kids wear them. They show Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, and Alice's crest all the time. But, Esme, Carlisle, and Jasper keep theirs hidden. But, I did some research and found out Emmett, Jasper, and Edward all wear their's on their wrists on like a cuff. Rosalie where's it larger on a chain forming a necklace. Alice has a very small one that is pulled together with a ribbon to form a chocker. I did some reasearch and found that Esme was supposed to where a green and gold bracelet but instead wore a ring; in some place where they sell the jewlery though, they still show the bracelt. And Carlisle wears his as a ring. A place to find where to buy these is at the link below

I was also curious myself if they just sold crests to wear your own way. It doesn't look like it. Although, it seems like they have the design on many different shirts, jackets, bags and other clothing items. But other than the typical and original jewlery wear way, I think the there's no other ways to have it in jewlery form.

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Give It Up!

For all those Twilight addicts who are looking for a cure, there isn't one. Give it up! How many of us stay up until 3 o'clock in the morning reading the books? How many of us watch Twilight videos and new and information like a mother watching her newborn? How many of us consider Twilight as an addiction; just one that's healthier? How many of us dream about Edward even though we know the real him doesn't exist? How many of us picture Kristen and Rob as something they really aren't? How many of us translate Twilight into our regualr everyday life?How many people still can't get enough of Twilight?

Twilight isn't something you can get rid of; it's given us all hope. Just think, what the world would be like without Stephanie Meyer? There would be no books. There would be no movie. Rob and Krsiten never would be admired as they do. No one would half a life and a life long addiction as they do now.

Give up trying to get rid of Twilight; in the long run, it's not worth it.

Peace Love Twilight

Twilight and Reality

Hey! I've got some new information for all you Twilight lovers! The movie is actually going to be released for sale on March 21, 2009. But, for those of you who don't want to waste trips to the store to find it sold out; you can pre-order your own safe and secure copy from a link on Stephanie Meyer's website! Here's the link that has the link

And by the way, all of you Twilight addicts; don't forget what I said about putting your life in a Twilight perspective it can help you out through so many different things in life! Just yesterday, after a friend read my blog, she realized that it can help you through pretty much anything. She said, but what about reality?

I said it can even help you out with that. Just ignore the vampire facts and look at the true love facts. But if your a true fan like me; you don't need to make those kind of exceptions!

Okay, the world is changing; we're in terrible economic times. It's just as bad as the Great Depression for most of us; but those of you who haven't quite seen it that way yet, don't worry; you will. The world's in danger, people are in danger, businesses are in danger, the government is in danger; everything that we know and consume and use and have and still believe in are in danger. And here's where the Twilight link comes in; I think one of the reasons everyone loves Twilight; is because it lets you escape from the current stress. I mean their vampires with a mortal, what more appressing than that? They're definetly not thinking about those things; the most thought they put into it is probably; I wonder when this will end, because I'll know I'll get to see the end of it. Well, maybe not even that, with Alice on their side! Plus, apart from the vampire side of things; they're a hapy family and together forever and they've got enough money and spunk to get them through anything. I mean, even if they did use it all their good looks would help their modeling career fall in place! So, aside from how great a book it is, I think another small reason people like it is because of that fact; none of the normal people stresses are really involved in here.

Now I was talking to a friend earlier, and she thought that I talk about a book issue. You know how Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn are mainly all about Edward and Bella adjusting to each other and to their relationship (and Midinight Sun too, just in Edward's perspective). Well, what about Renesmee (Nessie) and Jacob? My friend thought she should just continue on with their version after Breaking Dawn; but that wouldn't be much their story because it would have to be in Bella's perspective. So, I think she should do what she's doing with Midnight Sun; make another series off of the Twilight books. Except maybe make it in Renesmee's point of view. And write about her life with Jacob; but even if she decided to keep it in Bella's version it still could be another cool series. Even if Stephanie doesn't; the books she had written are and always have been perfection!
Here's to Stpehanie Meyer!

I'll probably post more later!
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Monday, January 26, 2009

The Point

Hey. Anyway, mostly I've been talking about Twilight; but you can't blame me! It's a serious addiction! Not one I'm ashamed of though. Anyway, back on point. I wanted to say something, sometimes life throw things at you. You probably hadn't been expected them either, but still; you shouldn't act suprised. You also probably don't understand it either, but if you look at if from their point of view I guess it could make sence. Now the Twilight connection; Midnight Sun and Twilight. It's good to understand Edward's actions and thoughts as it is Bella's. So, if we could picture whatever problem we're having in that prespective, it might help you a bit. If you love Twilight the way i do; if you put anything in your life through that prospective, you'll be at least somewhat happier. Now, you might realized how obssessed I am; everything in my life I usually end up putting into some kind of Twilight picture. There are so many things I love about life; but yet, I wonder how I lived my life before; without Twilight. It seems impossible, unthinkable. Well, I'll blog later.

Peace Love Twilight

Ridiculous And Offending Twilight Question

Okay, I am offended by this question being asked!
"Is Twilight worth reading or seeing?"
Let me put it this way, you've read a good book okay awesome. I love these books, nothing could ever replace them, not even my life. Twilight series trumps all! I read books all the time so that's saying something. Then there's this girl who never read, and she gave up basketball to join a Twilight reading group, and she never reads!
So either way around, that's saying something. I even got a guy friend to read it who hates reading, and he actually read books.
So, no matter what kind of person you are, what kind of books you read, if you read books, male or female-- you'll love the books.
And the movie is the same way, just as awesome as the books. So there's your answer to a question that never should have been asked!

Peace Love Twilight
Other questions floating around you Twilighters!
People are wondering many things.

1. Why can't Edward read Bella's thoughts?
A. People, you need to bear with me on this one, some people haven't read, seen, or heard alot. The answer: There was never a specific answer to this question. Because for some reason Bella seems to have shield blocking her mind from all vampire affects. The reason Jasper and Alice's power work on Bella is because those things are really mental, they're physical. Some also believe it's because Bella was ment to find Edward and the Cullens. And change their presprective and edit their way of living even more. Some also believe it's some love connection, but that can't be true. Because in New Moon Aro and Jane's affected Bella in no way whatsoever. And obviously Bella had no love connection with them as she does Edward; so that prooves that theory to be incorrect.

2. Why does Edward always fell guilty around Bella?
A. Obviously, he doesn't want to kill her. He feels he doesn't deserve her, he feels like she could have so much better. He feels she shouldn't be risking or wasting her life/soul on someone who doesn't have one. And yes I realize none of it make sence, but that's Edward; forever selfless.

3. How did Alice meet Jasper?
A. Read Eclipse; it explains everything.

4. Why does everyone else remember how they were turned and Alice doesn't?
A. You see that has never made sense to me; Alice having her power of seeing things, wouldn't you figure she (of all people) would be able to remember how she was turned. When I finish getting more information on that subject I'll post again.

5. Why does Rosalie hate Bella and Edward so much?
A. Read Eclipse. Long story short; she was killed by her fiance' and friends when they were drunk. She was always jealous of her friend who had the cutest little boy. But when she died then Carlisle changed her. In her past life she was always admired by men everywhere, so when Edward didn't admire her, she got kind of forever angry at him. Then when he met Bella, and Bella willing to give up her life; she remembers how she didn't have a choice; Bella does, and she thinks Bella is choosing wrong. So she's a little bitter. For more of the juicy details; read Eclipse.

6. How did Rosalie and Emmett meet?
A. Read Eclipse. Like I explained in the last question, short after the transformation and still, Rosalie doesn't enjoy her new life. Then when she saw Emmett being attacked by a bear and rescued him, she was selfish enough to ask Carlisle to change him for her (after she rescued him from the bear). Roaslie wishes she could have started out with Emmett in the begginning.

See ya later!
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Okay, so there's some buzz going around about Stephanie Meyer's supposedly new book, so I've gotten some info on that. At first it had leaked around the internet, and Stephanie Meyer got pretty angry at that little fact. Apparently the people she had trusted put it somewhere they thought was protected; but it wasn't. Then it copied all over the internet. Stephanie had more info on that at her website. The link to that is

She had posted previously the rough draft and the completed first chapter along with her strongly worded blog. Now, she's decided to continue on with writing the book, just she can see it neat and bound next to the other ones.

It will not be the 5th book to Twilight; actually, let me restate that; there will be no 5th book to Twilight. This is just and addition to the Twilight series, just to have it as primary information. I thought that her writing Edward's version was quite an excellent idea. It's going to let us into his head a bit. Obviously it's going to be longer that the original Twilight; and for many reasons. One, because Edward over thinks everything! Two, Stephanie Meyer's writing skills have improved from writing the past books.

And Stephanie looks for the inspiration and patenice for this book as you have been for the last books; so let's make her proud!

There is no new information regardless of having Edward's version in the next 3 books; that is obviously undecided on Stephanie's part. I also think it would be interesting and quite difficult to not only write Edward's part on Twilight, but on the other books as well. I mean think (*spoiler warning*) in New Moon, when Edward leaves; how is she going to write the version of what he did when he was away? When he was thinking of Bella, chasing Victoria, and thinking Bella was dead? That has to be difficult. In Eclipse it would be difficult as well. Could you imagine the restraint and anger he had to hold back regarding Jacob? Could you imagine the concern he always felt? Could you imagine how he felt to be the responsible one? Could you imagine, after reading Bella's point of view, what Edward thinks, feels, and reacts to in his own words? Could you imagine how difficult it would be for Stephanie Meyer to wirte those things (that I think, I don't know about you) that are unimaginable?

So, Bella knowing on the first day of school only that some beautiful boy is looking at her funny and seems to be disgusted by her? Meanwhile, Edward's trying not to get out of his seat and make a scene and kill her. Then be forced to kill everyone who saw. Could you imagine him trying to repress the monster with in? Then he realizes he loves her!? Could you imagine that? How desprate he is to kill her, but at the same time knowing he has to keep her alive? Could you imagine how confused and bombarded he was by some of her reactions and thoughts (that he had to read from her face, instead of from her head)? It's so, so, so, breath-takingly amazing and confusing. But then again, all the book are amazingly breath-taking and confusing. That's part of their charm. But still, this way is different.

OKAY, I'VE GOT TO STOP BEFORE IT GETS ANY LONGER! I'll be on the look out for more rising Twilight questions!

Peace Love Twilight


Hey people of blogger, twilight, and beyond! Welcome to where I will blogging my future opinions and outlooks on certain subjects! Just some things you should know, I love to write! So, if my blogs seem kind of longer than the usual, that I probably really have something to say! Just because I'm in forever and always in love and bound to Twilight, doesn't mean that's all I'll blog about! But, if questions seem to be rising about Twilight, I'll probably do some research and provide it for your personal enjoyment. So that's the second thing, even though I love Twilight (which is kind of an understatement) that's not all I'll talk about. But, however, I have a different outlook on the world, different than most people do! I also have really strong opinions, so don't be surprised! I'm brand new to Blogger, but I'm sure once I get used to it, you'll be seeing, hearing, and expecting much more from me! Any of you other people who think you're just like me; hey'! Anyway, all of my friends consider me as quiet, normal, and intellectual; so I should go above and beyond! So, see you soon!

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