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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New 'New Moon' Posters!

Okay, these are friggin awesome, and I'm totally digging the whole, "next chapter begins," line. How about you?
Thanks, Danger Magnet!
Source: New Moon Movie
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New Moon Soundtrack For Pre-Order

The New Moon Soundtrack is now available for pre-order on iTunes. Yeh!!! :-) Pre-Order on iTunes
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Robby P Photoshoot

Yeppp. It's a Robbbby PPPP Photooooshooooot. In people language: there's a freaking Rob Pattinson freaking shoot, that has new freaking pictures, that you have to freaking see. Yeah. Freaking. :-)

Source: Dazed Digital
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So Is It Breaking Dawn Movie or MOVIESSSS?

Yeh, they're going back over this one again. Whether Breaking Dawn should be two films or one, who will be directing, is the whole cast coming back, etc. Our favorite, the one, the only TED at THE AWFUL TRUTH gave us our--so-called--dirt on this one.

"There are no formal plans yet," Deep Twi tells us. Uh, well, want to know why that is? We've heard a bit of incredibly juicy info... Execs over at Summit are going back to the idea of splitting BD into two films. Remember, last time we checked in with Deep Twi it was looking like Dawn would only be one movie, but recently everyone internally has been referring to it as "the Breaking Dawn films." That's right, you didn't imagine the plural ending there. Still, nothing has been decided yet. Most likely what's happening is Rob 'n' crew agreed to a fourth…not fifth. Once the
cast determines if they are up for five, then Melissa can plan accordingly about
how to pen out this fourth flick

Hmm... I guess, well, no, let me put my opinion this way: I don't care if there are two Breaking Dawn movies, just as long as the whole saga is out there AND if they do make five movies, the BD ones, are released within three months of each other. Did you hear that Summit? This opinionated Twi-blogger, right here, just told you what she wants...are you listening?
Well, enough about me and my opinions, what do you guys think? One movie? Two movies? Keep Melissa Rosenberg? Kick her out? Would you flip if they replaced Robert, or Jackson, or Carlisle [etc.]? Do you have an opinion on the director?

Source: E!Online
Thanks, Danger Magnet, for the tip!

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Twi-Actress Sings "Never Think"

New Moon actress, Tinsel Korey, sang Robert Pattinson's song, "Never Think." Not bad. Right?

Thanks, Danger Magnet!
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The Host Becoming A Movie

Stephenie Meyer shared with us, via her website, that she'll be working with some people to make, 'The Host,' a movie. She asks for your opinion of the cast!

"I'm so excited to be working with Nick Weschler, and Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz to bring The Host to a visual format."

View it here.
Source: Danger Magnet

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P.S. In case any of you are wondering, I still haven't been able to log into my gmail, and therefore will continue blogging from Mike's profile, which he kindly let me change the username of. Hopefully I'll get it back soon, otherwise the account will be terminated, and I will never again have control of the layout of my blog. :-((

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Hey you guys, this is Princess Twilight. I had to post this using Mike's account, because my gmail is not working. Therefore, blogger is not working. I have a different email account, and I received an email that I didn't send, supposedly from my gmail. And at my gmail I received all kinds of these messages from people I don't know, and what looked to be spam messages. So, it looks like I'll most likely be posting from Mike's profile. Maybe I'll change the username to admin, so you know it's me. But this means that I have no control over what is posted through my gmail. If there is someone who has it, and changed my password, may I just say: I AM PISSED. And, I wouldn't care if it was just an email address and not a blog, too. So, I apoligize guys, and wish you the best. However, if you are getting suspicous emails on your gmail account, make sure you delete it or foward or cancel anything, you would not want to be screwed with. This also means I can't edit the page's style. If this gets serious, I'll buy a website. Once again, I'm very sorry you guys, and hope to get control of my gmail and blogger account again here soon.
I wish you the best,
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Monday, September 28, 2009

New Moon Song Revealed

"Satellite Heart" which will be on the New Moon Soundtrack, was released on the artist's--Anya Marina's--MySpace. [Note the red truck picture]

So pretty, so smart
Such a waste of a young heart!
What a pity, what a sham,
What’s the matter with you, man?

Don’t you see it’s wrong, can’t you get it right?
Out of mind and outta sight.
Call on all your girls, don’t forget the boys,
Put a lid on all that noise!

I’m a satellite heart, lost in the dark.
I’m spun out so far, you stop, I start,
But I’ll be true to you.

I hear you’re living out of state,
Running in a whole new scene.
They say i haven’t slept in weeks,
You’re the only thing I see.

I’m a satellite heart, lost in the dark,
I’m spun out so far, you stop, I start,
But I’ll be true to you.

I’m a satellite heart, lost in the dark,
I’m spun out so far, you stop I start.
But I’ll be true to you no matter what you do,
Yeah I’ll be true to you.

Source: TwiCrack

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bella Swan Quotes

Here's a video dedicated to quotes of Bella Swan in the Twilight Saga.

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Bella Video Contribution

alright, so i picked my fave Bella videos, and posted them here for the Bella Video Contribution. if you would like to submit a video you made, comment the link below, or email me at

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SSE Post 117: RPattz In Vancouver

This is one of those occasional glimpses we get of Robert Pattinson every month. So, soak it up. Robert was snapped in Vancouver Saturday, September 26th. This poor boy looks annoyed with the papz and dead tired. This is one of those pictures that make me terribly sorry for the boy.

Source: ROBsessed
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New Jacob and Bella New Moon Still

Here's a new 'New Moon' Jacob and Bella still.
Um, hello random shot I've never seen before of pre-wolf Jacob giving Bella a dream-catcher ... cute add-in that the gift is meant to keep away bad dreams ;)
My guess is it's a surprise on her birthday - what do you think?

Source: TwiCrack
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Tinsel Korey On Twitter

Tinsel Korey--AKA Emily--is now on Twitter! Yay! The Twilight Twitter Family is growing. Follow her here.

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SSE Post 115: Eclipse Scene Updates

David Slade talks about the recent scenes being filmed for Eclipse. Which are the awkward tent moments, between Edward and Jacob.
Follow David on twitter here.

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SSE Post 114: Eclipse Members Dining

Eclipse cast memebers--Kellan Lutz, Bryce Dallas Howards, Tinsel Korey, Alex Meraz, Chaske Spencer, Bronson Pelletier, and Kiowa Gordon--went out for dinner at Gothams Saturday night.
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SSE Post 114: Xavier Samuels and Cameron Bright Shopping

Xavier Samuels and Cameron Bright were shopping yesterday, with Bronson Pelletler.Source: RobstenLovers
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SSE Post 113: Billy and Taylor At LAX

Billy Burke and Taylor Lautner were both snapped at the LAX.

Sources: RobstenLovers [1] and RobstenLovers[2]

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Origins: Alice, Chapters 3-4

Chapter 3 was fantastically written. I loved all of it. Alice's vision was amazing, and how it slightly had Twilight moments. And anything that ties in with her visions--old ones, new ones, etc--is absolutly mouth watering. I also like how Ana flaunted a bit of Alice's vampiric abilities. This chapter is so far my favorite, and I left it rather pleased.
Speed was more of a filler. Or as I like to call, "a realization chapter." But I enjoyed it all the same. I mean, seriously this keeps inspiring me to write my own fan fiction...but then I say "I shant." Just 'cause a good story idea could easily be converted into one of my novels, and what could've been wouldn't have been because it's already in fan fiction form. Ya' know?

Rating: 8/10
Read Origins: Alice here
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Angel: Chapters 16-20

Alright, so, Chapter 16 filled in a few places, and got us further along in our questions and theories. But we obviously, are still questioning. I think I know what's happening, but I can't be sure. Maybe I'm finally recognizing the official plot line.
Chapter 17 was very good and defintly what a part of what everything has been leading up to. The chapter was a little rushed, but still enjoyable. And this chapter is a filler, and I wish could've had more of a longing and romantic quality to it, but it didn't. And that's okay. I guess they all can't be like Stephenie Meyers. But there has been no physical contact between Bella and Edward, and that is extremly frustrating to me. Like in every story, I absolutly love Alice's character to death. Although, what is bothering me, is how whatever or whoever happened to Charlie, how calm and cool Bella reacted. We all know that if Edward--in SM form--found out that Carlisle was missing, he would take off from school imeediatly. I'm kind of disappointed that Bella didn't do that. Well, the ending kept me, and I'm sure all of you out there reading along with me, want and have to read the next chapter.

Chapter 18, my thoughts: EDWARD, EDWARD, EDWARD! STUPID, STUPID, STUPID! Poor Bella...she knew, and he, an oh gahwd... Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. Well, the beginning problem was covered up well. Um, the conversation was cute, but I'm still looking for that "sexual tension"--sorry for the phrase--that was shown in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight. WTF! Why didn't you listen to Bella, Edward? You know that she shouldn't be around blood. And whether you know it or not, your blood is the most tempting! She offered to be with you for two different and obvious reasons. OMFG, you're an idiot! Mutters: stupid blood testing...
Confusion is more like it Charlie. Sooo...Charlie isn't Bella's dad? Or son? Or whatever? He was over-exaggerating their love maybe? I don't know. Maybe it's just an odd father-daughter relationship. And even though that the vision of Edward and Bella wasn't really there, it was amazing to finally even get a taste of them being together. For them to be longing for each other. I wish there was more of that. This chapter didn't have to be here. And it's just adding to my endless mental list of unanswered questions. It had better answer some more here soon... Maybe Bella's a tramp who 'plays' with different guys' hearts at the same time. I don't know...I accepted more honor...even from this Bella.
OHHH! Okay. So in the introduction to Chapter 20, the author clearly stated resolving many of my newly formed questions, that there is NO "relationship" between Charlie and Bella like what she and Edward and have. And she also basically confirmed in that explanation, that Charlie and Bella are father and daughter. I've come to an understanding. Okay, so questions were an extent. Stop trying to hate Edward! Even as a human he's awesome. I don't care what you said to Carlisle, about your unbeknowst failed want to keep Charlie safe, I don't care what freaks are out there that you do or don't know about! LOVE EDWARD! That's the story I want to read, Bella. And the ending: is it Charlie? the evil vampire Rachel who took him? was she gonna hurt edward (asshole, Rachel)? whats gonna happen? whats wrong Bella (why havent you made out with Edward already)?

Why do I have to stop reading? Grrrr.

9/10 rating
Read Angel here.

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Fan Fiction: Picture Windows, Prolouge- Chapter 1

Sorry it's late, and sorry I read so little, but here it is! My review of the Fan Fiction, "Picture Windows."The prolouge was extremly confusing and didn't catch my interest. Simple. As. That.

Chapter 1 filled in some blanks, and gave me a slight idea of what it's going to be about. I got slightly interested in some places, especially the relationship between characters Bella and Jasper. I love where the plot seems to be going, and I'm developing my own ideas about how I would write the piece. It seems to be different from all the rest. Oh, and there is a certain character that has been mentioned that I wish I could see more often. Leah. I would like it if she were mentioned. After all, she's a very complex character.

Rating: 6/10.
Read Picture Windows here.
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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Birthday David Slade!

Happy Birthday to Eclipse director David Slade! Today he turns the big four-oh! 40! Even though I don't like you man, I feel obligated to at least wish you a happy birthday.

Thanks for the tip, RobstenLovers!
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House Of Night: Marked (Book 1):: Chapters 1-8

*SPOILERS, Will OBVIOUSLY Be Shown Below*Alrighty, so I've done a lot of reading in this book, and got through eight chapters. It is nothing like Twilight, except for the obvious fact that there are vampires involved. There is no hot vampire boy or girl, there is no mysterious or new student, etc. It's just a girl who very quickly started turning into a vampire. Oh and they don't even spell vampire, 'v-a-m-p-i-r-e,' they spell it, 'v-a-m-p-y-r-e.'

Now, the general overview is this girl, who's life was a little hetic already, has been Marked. She was marked by a very powerful Vampire Tracker. The mark looks like an outline of a crescent moon on the least typically. Then, after talking with her parents about the mark, thye decide to alert everyone in their church and call the family doctor. So, Zoey snuck on the window to consult her grandmother. While trying to find her, she tripped, her pain worsening. She had a "hallucination" or "dream" or "happening." Visited my a vampire goddess, Nyx, her Indian blood and vampiric abilities make her very special. When she awakes, she finds herself in the House Of Night--or vampire academy, which she had to go to. Her choices were simple: A) go to the house of night and save yourself OR B) die. But, she could die anyway. Depending on if she survived the change. But, after her grandmother got her settled, a mentor--who is a healer--helped her get situated. Zoey sees something very strange, then meets her roomate. Meanwhile, everyone has been wondering about her mysterious filled in mark, and why it isn't just an outline.

Chapter 1 and 2 at first pulled me in, then got me bored. After a while through, I ended up getting slightly interested again. What I love about the House Of Night, is that the main character talks like a normal teenager. I mean, it's great that Bella's smart, and thinks different, and everything else, but it's still funny and entertaining to hear from a normal teenager. She is having a hectic life, and the last thing she needs is to be marked by a vampire. But she is. And it. Was. As simple. As. That. It seemed like less of a big deal than it would be in Twilight. Maybe because in this alternate universe, humans know about vampires. I guess you could say that vampires are simply freaks. Not threats.
Chapter 3 got pumped more information, and got us that insight on the character's personal and "normal" life. The writing here was so powerful that I actually felt the angry, and felt angry. At the "step-loser" and at her mother for just wanting the cash that came along with the guy, and to get that, ignored the NEEDS OF HER DAUGHTER! And, NOW, her daughter is becoming a vamprie and you think she's better of dead. WTF!?

Chapter 4 was more of filler, giving us that information while she's bored to death thinking in her room. And once again, I'm thrilled by the fact that she thinks like a normal teenager. Although, may i just say, I would've left LOOONGGG before she did. I kept thinking, 'leave, leave, leave. get the hell out, already.'
Chapter 5 was the panic button. Everything is happening, and everything she doesn't understand. Although, it's very descriptive, creative, and I *heart* the ideas. Putting yourself into your position, and starting the story behind the plot. Chapter five explains a few unanswered questions, that are key.

Chapter 6 begins the transition period, and just leaves the readers off having to read 7.

Chapter 7 gets you to the bone. And also, it explains alot of the vampire tricks and traits. Obviously, the call for blood isn't as strong to these vampires as it is to the Twilight vampries. And clearly, being a newborn vampire, doesn't really change anything. It's REALLY different from Twilight there. I read part of this in my office, and kept thinking AWKWARD in one part. And I know all of you who've read it, know what I'm talking about. I wanna figure out why that was necessary to show us. However, i think it's hilarious and still entertaining to get into the head of a REAL teenager.

Chapter 8 is getting the details of the transition, so they don't have to explain in little bits and pieces that make no sense along the way. You get into the head, get the details, know a little bit more about vampires, etc. It's one of those chapters. :-)

So far, I'm really liking this book!
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Awesome KStew Video!

This video was shown on one of my favorite blogs, and I thought I might as well share it here with you, since we are celebrating Kristen Stewart month.

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Ashley And Rob?

Well, no. But Ashley Greene almost landed the role of Bella, which could've changed some things...

Although today's Twilight Saga report could have easily read, "Robert Pattinson
and Ashley Greene deny romance outside of the Twilight Saga," the Twilight truth
is that Ashley Greene who plays Alice Cullen in the Twilight Saga almost beat
out Kristen Stewart for the Twilight role of Bella Swan.
In a recent Twilight interview with Saturday Night Magazine, Twilight and New Moon actress Ashley Greene reveals how all things in her Twilight Saga life would be different if she landed the Twilight and New Moon role of Bella Swan instead of
Kristen Stewart.

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Would Taylor Lautner Leave Twilight? To Dance?

Would Taylor Lautner leave Twilight? To dance? Well, I don't know about that, but, this is what Keke Palmer dishes about Taylor Lautner's "dancing fantasy."

Taylor Lautner could’ve been a musical man!

M magazine caught up with Keke Palmer recently and she spilled about meeting the Twilight hunk at auditions for Fame, which hit theaters TODAY. Keke shared, “We were both up for roles in the movie, and we both didn’t get parts.”

Keke confessed later in her interview, “He wouldn’t have been able to do Twilight if he did Fame, so I’m happy he lost out."

Source: TwiCrack

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"The Sexy Stars Of Twilight New Moon"

Alright, so the magazine was released yesterday, and I have to say that I have not yet gotten my copy. Hopefully I'll be getting one over the weekend, and if not I'll pick one up early next week. But, that didn't keep me from posting a pages from the mag.

View ALL the rest here.
Source: ROBsessed
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Friday, September 25, 2009

SSE Post 122: WTF, Bella Is Knitting?

What the freak, Bella is knitting in a car? I don't remember that being part of the book... Um, and they pointed out that she can't even stand in a straight line, let alone knit in a car driven my Robward. And, I'm not joking...she seriously has needles and is knitting.

See, I really wasn't kidding.
Source: ROBsessed
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SSE Post 121: Werewolf Eclipse Filming

Here's pics of our werewolves in Vancouver:And as for the scenes that were being filmed:BooBoo spent a few days working on set before heading out again after shooting the large wolf gathering scenes last week around the fire during which “Bella” hears the tale of Taha Aki and the Third Wife.

Source: TwiCrack
Peace Love Twilight, P.S. Grace, you're not going anywhere. Sorry about your luck

Taylor Lautner's Love Life

Did you hear that? Taylor would date a fan. Well, what do you know. "Taylor," bats lashes and smiles, "I'm not a crazy obsessed fan. Just a fan. And after all," looks down, making a pouting face, "you said you don't want to exclude everyone." I'm sorry, sometimes I write my daydreams down...
How are the dating lives of Robert Pattinson and fellow New Moon hunk Taylor Lautner? There is speculation that Rob will unveil his romance with co-star Kristen Stewart soon - will he reveal all before the release of the new Moon Movie in late November?Twilight star Taylor Lautner has said that he would happily date a
fan and said he doesn't "exclude anyone". Taylor, 17, plays the role of werewolf
Jacob Black in the hit movie series and will reprise his role for the second
movie New Moon later this year.
He was asked if he would ever date a fan and he said: "I don't exclude anyone."
Taylor also revealed that he is a fan of chick-flick films and when asked to pick his favourite, he said it was the Rachel McAdams movie The Notebook.
He said: "I don't think I should be embarrassed to admit it, though - it's a great movie. I'm not embarrassed. I'm saying it proudly."

And I think a guy who watches chick-flicks is hot. I think a guy who can admit to watching chick-flicks is hotter. I think a guy who can admit to liking chick-flicks is the hottest. And, I think I guy who admits it, knowing his words will be everyone in ten minutes flat...IS BURNING UP WEREWOLF STYLE!

Do you guys think that's an attractive quality? Or do you prefer your guys complaining, "wtf is this crap? effin ridiculous. gimme football"? Your choice...

Source: RobstenLovers
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Eclipse Filming Progress

Ashley Greene tweeted about the progress of Eclipse, and suprisingly, they're already half done filming. I mean, it seems so fast. And there has to be some good stuff us fans are gonna get ahold of here soon! Right?

Follow Ashley on Twitter here.

Source: TwiCrack

Peace Love Twilight, and P.S. Eric you suck for not having a Twitter! Join us, Eric. Join us.

Ashley Greene On Saturday Night

Here's an excerpt:

How has it been with the other Twilight castmates? Is there anyone on set that you happen to be closer with?

Kellan [Lutz] and I are very close. I have different relationships with different people – and it’s really great, I kind of get the best of everything. Rachelle [Lefevre] and I have this, like, zest for life. She and I can just go and have a glass of wine and unwind, and we work out together and stuff like that so she and I have that kind of relationship – I think we’re both easygoing, fun people. Kristen [Stewart] and I recently got closer. I feel like in the first film, we were friends, but with our schedule we were never in the same place at the same time. So, with the second one, it was more intimate as far as the amount of people involved. After the first week or two of production, it was just me, Kristen, Rob and Taylor [Lautner], and then Rachelle was there for a little bit. Taylor’s super, super sweet, and Jackson [Rathbone], I adore. I love them all. They’re great.

Read the whole thing here.

Source: TwiCrack

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Edward and Bella New Moon Pic

New, 'New Moon' still.

How much more can they really expect us to handle before crazy fans--like the Rob mobbing ones in NYC--demand to see the 'New Moon' cut before November 20th? Before the more mellow fans decide they're bored and look for an ingenious way to steal the movie? Then they save the version and put in on the internet for the whole world to see!?


I was just over dramatic. What do you know. :-)

Love You All [Except Eric, he sucks. Stupid XC],

Princess Twilight

Source: ROBsessed

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Breaking Dawn Screen-Writer, And Times

Melissa Rosenberg has got to be the happiest lady in the Twi-verse. She has just signed on, according to E! Online, to pen the screenplay of the final “Twilight” novel, “Breaking Dawn” — which, by the way, we still don’t know if it’s going to be in one or two movies.
While there is certainly enough content in “Breaking Dawn” to drag it out over two movies, I don’t think it should be done. There are going to be spoilers for a little while I continue my rant, so if you haven’t read “Breaking Dawn” yet, go out and remedy that and then come back and finish reading this post. The first “Breaking Dawn” film would be what? Bella and Edward getting married, going on a honeymoon and getting preggers? And then us having to sit around and watch as she gradually kills herself for a baby? Sorry guys, but I don’t want to spend two hours on that. And sure, the second film will be cool to see Bella run around as a vamp for maybe 30 minutes, tops, but the rest of that book is just an anti-climactic battle-less sequence!

Read the rest here.

Please comment on you opinion of screen-writers, and whether Breaking Dawn should or shouldn't be two films.