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Sunday, May 31, 2009

MTV Awards Round 9

Michael--KStew's boyfriend-- isn't at the awards. And KStew and RPattz are so in love... if they saw it from the outside, they would know how ridiculously obvious it is.

Best movie: TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best movie award nu-huh!!!! BEST MOVIE!! BOO-YAH! 5 of 6 Awards. Oh yeah! Only the music didn't win! Stephenie Meyer, she did it all man. They cut off with music! Boo-yah! They won!!! BOO-YAH!!!

Peace Love Twilight

MTV Awards Round 8

Will Farrell is hilarious. He'll always be the funy guy. Nice. That was a good bid.

I wan Baby Mama to win best comedic preformance. And the best is...
Jim Carrey. Yeah, I could've guessed if I could type that fast. He is hilarious. Always has been and always will be.
Robert looked so hot in that take too.
"Holy chiz!" that was sweet. "That's when it happed: I went blank." "I was choking up in the room in front of all my piers, and in front of that totally cute Twilight guy." Hahahahahaha! I said what i should say, "There wouldn't be a swine flu if we treated the pugs better!"
Taylor Lautner was so cute!
That was definatly one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen.

Peace Love Twilight

MTV Awards Round 7

Nice Star Trek thing. "I dare you to do better," very nice.

Cameron Diaz and Abigail Breslin. They're so cute. I've seen them all too, I like this thing. An adult film star. Nominees: Twilight- Kristen Stewart. I didn't know her song...

Hm, the best female preformance. Kristen Stewart Twilight! OMG! OME! She won against all those other peeps? Nuh-uh. Wow! Love her. Nice call out to SM, that was sweet. She needs to work on public speaking. She's so nervous though. She threw her thing! Nice! Hahaha! Good job KStew. Did you see RPattz laughin too? They're so in love, they can't deny it anymore. Poor KStew, she was so nervous.

I like that song, whatever it is.

4 of 6 awards now for the stars. They have one more left to possibly win: best film award. Decode let us down, they have to feel bad being the only twilight part to not win so far...but with all due respect I did kind of see kiss-butt Miley Cyrus winning the award in my head.

Okay, well there you have it.
3 minutes until trailer will be released online, I'll get it up.

Peace Love Twilight

MTV Awards Parts 5-6

Last One Detail: They were rehearsing! So cute!

Commercials:Mians, weird. Love the Nikon commercial, still. The two part coke commerical, funny. Santa, sleepy...funny. Lol. :D

Pants! Who needs um! How many? Seven? what? They went to commercial stupid.

More Commercials: Venus, again, stupid. Will Farrell's movie funny. Beepbeep.

And now... TWILIGHT STARS! HERE THEY ARE! OME! OME! They're so cute! All three! Awesome. Nice music too. Exclusive look at the trailer. New Moon has motor cycle stunts, italy, and stuff. more than once yeah.

I love Ben Stiller.

Cute puppy with cigar. Nice. Ben Stiller so nice for his old age. Director, actor, writer, jew, hahahaha! They're all hilarious people. Look like apes, nice, Ben Stiller, he's so awesome he needs the award and deserves it. I love him as an actor. Look at Ben Stiller he was cute, actullaly there's another round. There's more? Speaking of torture? Cute. I was five, I would't've remembered. Nice. Monkey stuff. Cute. Right next to you're bananas. Nice. Inspired and inspiring, very true, I have much respect to him. Foreskin in fondue and big guys stomach. Ha! Emotional! Ha! :D Ben I'm sorry...DVD copy: something about mary. Just let it play. :D Hair scene, standing up, it reinspires me. Hahaha! There's nothing you can't do! My go you're so good. I love you man. How cute? Way to go Zac in presenting too. He is very important. So cute.
18 years ago. "I'm not going anywhere." "Please don't let go." Hilarious. I love Ben. He's my fav actor.
That was cute.

Nice video game. Nice. Hahaha! :D Nice.

I hope that Weitz get the message that the wolf was too animated. It won't work as the books go on. Get A LITTLE more reallistic.
But I did love what we had so far.

Peace Love Twilight

MTV Awards Round 5

Commercials: He Twittered about it, lol. Coke commercials are so stupid that they're funny. That Jack Black movie looks stupid, but funny cool stupid. Orbit droppin thirty-five commerical is funny. Sims are funny, but weird. Legally Blonde, funny. Broadway. Nice.

Carl Burrman, hahahahahahahahahhaahahahaahahahahahahahaahaahahaahaahhaahha! Hilarious! Hahhaha! Hahaha! Hilarious. Can't stop laughing! Hahaha! God!

Aw I love those two. They're in some of my favorite movies. "What does that mean?" Haha!

AH! Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson! Nice song too! Lol. Best kiss...
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart won! AH! 3 of 6! AHAHAHAHA! AH! THEY WON! AAH! "I need to remove my gum," lol. Hahaha! That was hilarious! Love them! They're so hot. KStew was funny. HAHAHA! LOL! Ha!

"I gizzed right in my pants everybody time you're next to me. I'm premature."
I'm having an anarism! Hahaha! These people are so funny!

"It's my dick in a box, baby." Hahahaha! Tell them to stop! "It's a dick in a box." Soory couldn't stop laughing for a minute! Kuss! Hahahaahahaha!

WTF what the fu() award. Hayden hilarious! She's hilarious! OME! OME! HILARIOUS! AHAHAHAHAHA! CUSSIN AND NO CUSSIN! HAHAHHAHHAHHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH! Could be a freakin comedian!
"Holy flannel shirt!" HAHAHA!
Beep beep beep beep beep beep! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Decode Paramore, they're up for best song in a movie! LOL! hahahaha! "Obama!" nice. The nominees: love um all! go twi! The winner is...
Miley Cyrus Go figure. Only 3 of 6 still. Miley was cute up there though. She was awesome, yo. That was cute. :D Too bad.

Exclusive clip
Fake whatever yo! So messed up! Retardly funny! You made that?! Nuh-uh! Why not isn't it hunky vampires? Who said?
AW! You're sure it's real
AH! Holy freak it!

Peace Love Twilight

MTV Awards Round 4

Commercials: Paris Hilton's New BFF, shoudln't she have like five now? No, she scared them off. Gay blonde. Like Nikki! Those Nikon commercials are funny.

Hahaha! He's flying! So funny! HAHAHA! You're butt! Nice accent and landing. Hilarious! HAHAHA! Tough crowd! I've already got a boyfriend! They left! OMG! Hahaha! High Shcool Misical! Hahaha! Shake It, good song.
Zac Efron won Best Male Preformance, aww he's so cute up there. Nice way to be invited. "This is awesome." Yeah, I can't believe you won either Zac. He's just a perfect little actor, and could so be on Broadway.

Too bad they can't be there tonight, now I hate them! Stealing Twilight fans, hate them! Well maybe not hate, dislike is the word.

There was RPattz! Ah!

Peace Love Twilight

MTV Awards Round 3

Commercials: Those new shows look hilarious! Eww, those red faces for Taco Bell were gross! I don't get the hamsters in the car.

Gosh, that host is so retarted. Will Farrell! I love him! "Walk away in slow motion." "Cherry cherry" "Will Smith walks." I love Will Farrell! He's hilarious. Nice outfit, btw. Nice face Will. Cute ending too.

Twilight, how can you not think they would scream? I did even from this side of the screen.

Cute Zac Efron, right, Vannesa! Cute! Blow-up doll, nice.
OMG! Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson are in here. Screaming! I love them! SO hot! The winner...
Robert Pattinson! Boo-yah! SCREAM!!!!! He's so hot! More slow-mo. Screaming, love him, love that accent. Kristen, they're so cute, totally dating. Aw, he has a list. Thanks for thanking Stephenie. And everything. Kristen loves him, you can tell. They're all so cute. Ah! Still screaming. 2 of 6.


Peace Love Twilight

MTV Round 2

Commercials: That Taco Bell commerical was hilarious. The Hangover movie looks cute too. "Suffering from shaving your bikini line?" NEW CARLISLE CARS! AH! CARLISLE! Lol.

Popcorn man, popcorn guy, NEVER. Lol. You're a star you're a star you're a star.
We can continue to vote for best movie. AH! Twilight Apple! TEXT 5! Twilight.
Another dude from transformers. Tonight is a big deal. A big deal. Best fight!
Lets see! Go James and Edward!
Let's see...
Rob and Cam won it! They won! Oh they're like fighting again. Try slow-mo, totally awesome. "Hello," he had me at hello. In reality Cam would've beat me, Paul McDonald, Kristen and Katherine, they're so cute. I love Cam and Robert. They were all so awesome. 1 of 6 awards down!

M'n'M, eww. Ropert Pattinson wanted to be the first right rapper when he was young. RDog. Lol. Got enough cuss words in there? Gosh. Looks like Miley Cyrus likes M'n'M. Go figure. Jonas Brother to Underwear Model and it looks like M'n'M is next.

Robert Pattinson looked so cute there!

End of round two! Be back after commercial!

Peace Love Twilight

MTT Runthrew First Commercial

Hilarious beginner opener, loved the opener. Taylor Swift, perv, Edward Cullen, smells. HILARIOUS! I love it, OME! Justin Timberlake, "So, you're naked." Hilarious.

OMG I saw Robert Pattinson! First face shown if you noticed.

"It's cool to faurt it here."
"Keep your speeches shorts. Music will come on to kick you off....keyboard cat!"

If you play Edward Cullen hands in the air. How cute! Did you see him shaved and messy hair look, how cute.
"The first step is admitting that you have a problem." I do, I do have a Twilight addiction and am proud to admit it.

Breakthrough preformance female, I'm cheering: Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, or Kat? I donno...
Is... ASHLEY TISDALE! Yeh! Good for her, love the hair. "Oh my gosh!" It's golden popcorn, get over yourself.

Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen, she's so pretty I can't even handle it. You think Rosalie makes every girl take a punch on her selfesteem, what about Meagan Fox?

Oh, TWILIGHT up next! Can't wait. Alright, well I'll post again next round before commercials.

Peace Love Twilight

Kristen Stewart MTV Interview

Kristen Stewart was just on the MTV Awards pre-show interviews, and was flaunting her red dress with black outlined dress and a pair of black converse. She had very messed up hairdo that was fitting. She said, "My mind is still so wrapped up in filming, that's it's hard for me to wrap my mind around, like anything, especially being here," she shared with an interviewest. Only five minutes until MTV Awards.

She looks so much more confident than she was last year...but I guess a lot has changed.

5 minutes! 5 minutes people!

Peace Love Twilight

MTV Awards and Bella Style

1 hour 15 minutes, 1 hour 15 minutes! Be prepared, 75 minutes until we see our favorite stars when awards at the MTV Awards! How much you want to bet Twilight will at least win in two categories?

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are still in front row at the MTV Awards, but in the next row you have Cam andTaylor, then if you look back you have Catherine Hardwicke and Ashley Greene, but I can't see further back from there.
Wanna dress like Bella?
Watch the red carpet live at the MTV Awards as it slowly brings in more and more of our favorites. Enjoy!
What do you guys think is Twilights' biggest compition in the MTV Awards? Vote on the new poll before it closes at 9:30.
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Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm Back To The: Notta, Zilch, El Zippo

It's amazing, when Twilight fans and followers are all excited for something that's coming very soon (within eighteen hours) they completly drop looking for more news. I check for new news every two hours and there has been nothing my last two rounds. I making my last go-round, and my dashboard and news result are exactly the same way as I left them. I have absolutly nothing to report: nothing, el zippo.
I'll be typing during starting at the interviews before the MTV Awards until they're over. Unfortunatly, I won't be blogging for the after parties. But join me then to where I'm blogging!

Peace Love Twilight

Twi-Cuties, Twi-Departures, and Twi-TV-Appearances
I swear they are so cute for each other!

Dakota Fanning and all the other stars are back in L.A.

Cam, Ashley, Kellan, Robert, Kristen, and Taylor will be at the MTV Awards. I will blog throughout the whole show, so don't miss any of it!

Peace Love Twilight

Friday, May 29, 2009


Ashley Green and Kristen Stewart filming Alice and Bella scenes in Italy. This is probably old news, but there you have it.

Happy Birthday Justin!

Robert Pattinson day was declared June 20th. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be celebrating! The City Screen Picturehouse in York, UK, is making our favorite hot vampire actor Robert Pattinson his own day on June 20th! They will go back to back in theaters starting with the beginning of the day and ending the end of the day in this order of movies on a loop: ‘Twilight’ then ‘How To Be’ then ‘Little Ashes.’

Peace Love Twilight

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Twi-Love, Twi-Contacts, Twi-Offenders, and Twi-Trailer

Eeps, ahh, oohs. Where can you find all these? In anything Twilight of course?
These pictures so brought some opinions to me. I think they must be dating. And they’re so cute together, how could they not.
You’re right! His golden contacts are SO much better than the first movie!
If you have a twisted sense of humor read it. If you’re a true Twi-fan you’ll either not read it, or read it and hate it and then burn it.

Hey they’re showing the first official New Moon trailer at the MTV Awards. I don’t know if it’s that AND the sneak. Or it’s just that.
AND, TL, KStew, RPattz, are presenting the vid! Boo-yah!

Peace Love Twilight

MTV Award Nominations

Any new news about New Moon sends the Twi-world and all Twilighter's in it a-buzzing!

Twilight is up for best movie of the year at the MTV Awards!
Kristen Stewart is up for best actress in Twilight at the MTV Awards!
Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson are up for best male breakthrough performance in Twilight at the MTV Awards!
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are up for the best kiss award in Twilight at the MTV Awards!
Robert Pattinson and Cam Gigandet are up for the best battle award in Twilight at the MTV Awards!
Parmore’s “Decode” in Twilight is up for the best song in a movie award at the MTV Awards!
The Twilight Saga follow-up film New Moon will have a one minute sneak peek on the MTV Awards!

OME! Okay, if everything Twilight wins in every category it’s entered in, I will run outside with my face painted Twilight! I’ll also climb up onto a ladder, and into a tree, and scream at the crack of dawn, ‘I love Twilight!’ No joke! Might video tape it too!

Peace Love Twilight

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cover Meanings

I realized none of my friends knew this until I speeled it out for them, so I'm now going to spell it out for you; what the covers mean.

Twilight- in the beginning the introduction is with the Adam and Eve forbidden fruit from the bible. Well, it's like if thou eat of it thou shall be eternally damned or something. So, I went to my Narnia Magician's Nephew book, and proved myself that they do use it there. Well, Bella is the forbidden fruit to Edward. And he takes the apple anyway . So Edward thinks he and Bella are internally damned...but Bella thinks she is lucky to be that special apple chosen.

New Moon- in the first few chapters when Bella gets knocked into a table, she's bleeding. Well Alice had decorated with roses. White rose, bleeding with Bella's blood when the table gets knocked and it's flying through the air...get it?

Eclipse- I'm not quite sure of this one, but I think the ribbon represents Bella's hold on everything. It all tears apart in Eclipse. Specifically pointing out Edward and Jacob. Remember the magnets? Remember Bella thinking it was Edward and Jacob she was trying to force together but then found out it was the two sides of herself-Edward's Bella and Jacob's Bella. So, the ribbon breaking, is breaking her hold and going with both.

Breaking Dawn- I'm honestly not sure on this one. I think, because Bella was a human, but then becomes a vampire she represents a king. The highest. And she's good. White. So, now that she is strong enough to protect herself, the evil-red-Volturi, lower down-smaller-normal mover can't affect her.

Make sense now?
Peace Love Twilight

New Moon Album Suggestions

I have ideas for the New Moon album. It’s nothing official…just ideas from my personal favorites list:
My Happy Ending- Avril Lavigne
Apologize- Timbaland Feat. One Republic
Sympathy- Goo Goo Dolls
First Day Of The Rest Of Our Lives- MxPx
You and Me- Lifehouse
What I’ve Done- Linkin Park
Here Without You- 3 Doors Down
Shattered- O.A.R.
Gotta Be Somebody- Nickelback
Whatever It Takes- Lifehouse
I Don’t Want To Be- Gavin DeGraw
I Dare You To Move- Switchfoot
Second Chance- Shinedown


Peace Love Twilight

More RPattz & His Rockin' Abs
Different angles of the reuniting scene in New Moon.
More New Moon pics. We love those abs Rob! And I think he’s proud of them too...look at the way they’re shown off…yooza.
More pics. Wow, can’t wait until sneak peek of New Moon on MTV awards! Yipe! Can’t wait to see this eight-pack back in action!

Peace Love Twilight

Twi-Tattoo, Twi-Vamps In Make-up, Twi-Reunion Scene, Twi-Saga-Movie Companion, and Twi-Stars!

Love it! Check out this tattoo!

Look at how gothic like Dakota looks like in make-up for Jane!
You have to look at these pics! Awesome pics! Rob has been working out and muscles and six-pack are showing! This blogger is right! You can practically see the reunion scene go in your head.
Wait, hold the phone! Hold the freaking phone! Taylor may have an eight pack, but I messed it up, ROBERT PATTINSON HAS AN EIGHT-PACK AND IS GOING SHIRTLESS! AH!!!!!!
View pics of the reunion pics! OME! Don’t ask what the black dots are, because that’s just Weitz getting out his fancy equipment for Edward’s sparkles.

You can preorder the New Moon movie companion on The cover is not official yet. It will be officially available and in stock October 6th, 2009. I personally don’t know if I would buy it, or wait for the movie.

Rob leaving Italy. Everyone is done filming. You know what that means? All they have to do know is edit, over-lay, and get the music, etc.! So exciting! Maybe it'll be out earlier...

P.S. Only four days until one minute sneak peek on MTV awards. May 31st at 9 on MTV Awards. I repeat: May 31st at 9 on MTV Awards. Don’t miss it! One minute sneak peek of New Moon. I wonder what scene they’ll show…

Peace Love Twilight

Thanks TwiCrack!
Weird pic of RPattz.

Peace Love Twilight

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Article. Yeah I Wrote It. Thought You Might Wanna Hear It.

Yeah, it's like a research paper. We could research anything, and I chose Twilight. Of course. Well, the making of Twilight, you know revolving around SM. Thought you might like it:

There was a series of vampire romance books that made a mother of three a millionaire. It was a simple dream that had created the idea for such books. This author was a rising woman named Stephenie Meyer.

Stephenie Meyer was born on December 24th, 1973 in Hartford, Connecticut. When Meyer was young, she, her parents, and five siblings moved from there to Pheonix, Arizona. Pheonix, Arizona plays a small part in what she will be writing more than a decade later. Stephenie Meyer had gone to Chaparral High School in Scottsdale. Then, later, she received a B.A. in English literature at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

Eight years later, Meyer had a dream that changed her life and the way she would live forever...once again, she just wasn't quite aware yet. In the dream, she had dreamt of an immortal god-lloking vampire who was in love with a normal girl. Even though the vampire was in love with her, he still had to fight his never-ending thirst. Stephenie quickly jotted down her dream while her family was still sleeping. What she also didn't quite know yet, is that she would want to get her book published...and eventually that dream, would end up being chapter thirteen in her best-selling book.

Eventually, Stephenie came to the conclusion that it wasn't fair to keep these characters thats she loved so much to herself. She thought it only fair to share with others, and these others would hopefully fall in love with the characters too. And no doubt that they did in the end.

So, while juggling her laptop and young kids--all under the age of five--she was able to put together a novel in three months. Now, however, Stephenie was not familiar with the publishing industry. Meyer had absolutely no clue that she probably needed an agent, and needed to contact publishers, and get accounts for publisher searching, and even planning to do all these other things after the book is published...that is if anyone were to read it. She almost quit right then and there...but because if the support of her older sister Emily--who also is honored with a name in the book--she was able to pocker herself up and throw her book out there.

Stephenie say now that the main character, Bella Swan, is mainly the daughter she never had. Now, even this is true, Meyer also says that she is nothing like the character she wrote. She said that she was never that mature, and always fufilled her role as the youngest child. Stephenie believes that since growing up with many siblings, that it would be interesting to write about something that was completly on familiar to her.

After getting an agent, she signed a three-book deal with, 'Little Brown and Company,' for $750,000. She had only been hoping for $10,000 to pay off her mini van, but three-quarters of a million dollars she said was good too. She had planned on making this book a single novel, but then she signed the deal and was very excited to enter the lives of the characters again.

Then came naming the book, originally she had wanted to name the book, 'Forks,' based on the location of the story (Forks, Washington)...but, no one else liked that name. So she and her agent fooled around with some names and eventually came up with the name, 'Twilight,' which has to do with a line one of the characters say. The vampire-character says in the book, "Twilight again. No matter how perfect the day is it always has to come to an end." That's how she had come up with the name for the first book.

The picture on the first book was girls hands holding a read apple. They chose this because it talks about the forbidden fruit and what happens when you eat it. So it makes since for the vampire character to have taken the apple, Bella, and bitten out of it, fell in love with her, therefore cursing him and her.

'Twilight,' was published in 2005 and the outstanding awards and sales began.

Stephenie won the following awards:

Publishers Weekly Best Book Of The Year,

New York Times Editors Choice, Best Book Of The Decade So Far,

The American Library Association Top Ten Books For Young Adults,

Teen People Hot List Pick.

The book was also translated into 20 different languages and she became a known author in 31 different countries.

Stephenie then wrote the follow-up novels: 'New Moon,' 'Eclipse,' and, 'Breaking Dawn'

The name for 'New Moon' was chosen because one of the charaters was supposedly the moon before, but then that character left. So, a new character came into play and was the New Moon. They chose, 'New Moon,' because that's how the character Bella describes the feeling in the book. The cover of 'New Moon' is a white rose with red blood. This is chosen because in the beginning of the book, Bella's at a party and get's flung into a table with white roses when she is bleeding, so that why the white rose with blood.

The name for 'Eclipse' was chosen because the character that orignally left was back. Now, Bella is thinking on the new character as the sun, because he cannot be the moon. And the moon is more important to her. So that represents how he will always be next best. The newer character actually said, "I may bring light and heat, but I can't fight an eclipse." They chose the broken red string on the front of the book because of the feeling of Bella. She feels she trying to be the old character's and the new character's Bella, but soon finds she can't be both and she breaks that string.

The name for 'Breaking Dawn' was chosen because vampire can't be seen in sunlight. So, tbey had to 'break dawn' by beating it. Getting out of it's way before the sun comes up. Mainly, how that relates to the book is because they all have these difficulties to get figured out, abd they have to get them all before the 'dawn rises,' and they're dead. The white king on the chess board being stalked by a red chess, represents that before you were helpless, but now that you're a king you can defend yourself.

These four books claimed the top four slots in the year-end besteller list. This honor is a first for any author.

Stephenie Meyer later released that even thought she closed the, 'Twilight' series, she wasn't quite done with the, 'Twilight' world. She would be writing, 'Midnight Sun,' which is the story of, 'Twilight' told from another characer's point of view. Her draft was released illeagally on the Internet, and she wanted to give up. But bcause of the help of her sister Emily, she was able to continue writing. She is still writing the book as we speak.

Stephenie Meyer said that four classic books gave each of hers their own unique inspiration:

'Pride and Prejudice' inspired 'Twilight,'

'Romeo and Juliet' inspired 'New Moon,'

'Wuthering Heights' inspired 'Eclipse,'

'A Midsummer Night's Dream' inspired 'Breaking Dawn.'

Summit Entertainment produced a film version of 'Twilight' in November 2008. Stephenie Meyer was offered a role in 'Twilight,' but not wanting to mess any of it up, she took a non-talking role as a cusotmer in a diner. The thing is, about every studio in Hollywood had turned it down...but the film ended up making 350-million-dollars worldwide.

Now, let's talk about all the money Mrs. Meyer has gotten from the Twi-world. Stephenie Meyer made $750,000 dollars on her first three books, $400,000 on that last book, $5,000,000 from the movie 'Twilight,' and she has an estimated $15,000,000 coming in from the last three movies. Now when we add that all together we come up with the fact that: Stephenie Meyer will make $21,150,000 dollars from the Twi-world when it's over. That's enough to pay off her mini-van!


Michael in Italy? This rumor is denied. False!

Ashley Greene is so pale she could be Alice off-set. She showed us her six-pack and rocking bod in a revealing bikini picture.
But recently Ashley joined the gang along with Dakota in Italia!

Kristen makes a call-out to fans! When taking a smoke break with Ashley Greene, she obviously had ENOUGH of the papiratzi. She shares a finger with them and then Ashley Greene later back up her friend by saying things like the give the girl so room and it’s okay and she just has had enough of you guys and pictures.
The stars are chilling out in Italy. Or at least trying to…paps.
Old pics of cast leaving Vancouver and pics of partial cast and director in Italy.

You know had Edward reveals himself sparking in the sunlight so the Volturi will kill him because he thinks Bella is dead in New Moon? Well, is it possible that this is his shirtless reveal?
Behind the scenes New Moon sneak! Moon close-ups. They look kind of cool. And I so didn’t notice that cut on her arm until now.
Peace Love Twilight

Monday, May 25, 2009

Possible The Longest Blog Ever. But For Twilight, I Think It's Excusable.

It looks like there definetly won’t be any stall on the release on New Moon like there was with Twilight. Weitz seems to be very organized and set. I’m guessing that they’re being careful not to rank number two on the, ‘most mess-ups in a movie,’ again.
Thanks for the juicy details!
Good info again. Chris Weitz citing in Monte!

New Moon rehearsals took place today in Monte! How awesome!?
Aww, how cute are they? How much you want to bet they were filming some reuniting scenes?
Taylor Lautner is back in Los Angeles. *I’ll bet you he’s missing Selena!*
Highlights of Rachelle with her dog in a magazine.

*I read the weekly Life & Style magazine, when I roamed the stores to see if any Twilight pictures pop up—as I do every morning, and I absolutely had to buy this edition! Not only does it have people making fun of Miley Cyrus—which I can resist—but it also has super juicy Twilight/New Moon news!
The cover has a very intimate picture of KStew and RPatts and an opener that reads, “Twilight Exclusive: It’s on! Kristen meets Rob’s parents. They head off to romantic Italy together. Kristen’s relationship with her boyfriend fizzle. Robert speaks! How the new movie is different from the book!” Was that opener a nail-biter or what? So, I read past: the best dressed, the who wore it better, John and Kate rumors, and the Miley Cyrus article to the Twilight page. It has one of the first New Moon pictures with a caption, “Workday flirting. Robert and Kristen have developed their characters and offscreen relationship while filming Twilight’s sequel.” Then there is a picture of Rob and Kristen laughing, smiling, and talking with the caption, “After-hours mingling. Gossip blogs reported that the duo shared a kiss at Richard’s on May 2. ‘They looked like they were having a good time, into the music and all,’ Bob Burrows, talent consultant for the club.” Then there was a picture of Robert and Kristen exited a restaurant with a caption, “Late-night dates. At the Blue Water + Raw Bar on May 8, Rob and Kristen frequently joined each other for a cigarette--,” go figure, “breaks before hopping in a cab together at 3 a.m.” There was a picture of the two smiling and walking with a caption, “Birthday-party pals. ‘There;s a chemistry between the two of them that’s fascinating,’ Catherine Hardwicke tells us about Kristen and Robert.” Then there’s a picture of Rob and his parents with Kristen and her brother. A family meeting? Kind of like couple do? Caption: “She met his parents! Robert’s parents, Richard and Clare Pattinson, sat across from Kristen during their son’s soiree as Glowbal on May 13th.” And here’s the main article, “Robert and Kristen: It’s getting serious!

They’ve grown closer and closer during two months of filming the Twilight sequel, New Moon—and now Kristen Stewart meets Robert Pattinson’s parents.

How does an international heartthrob celebrate his 23rd birthday? For Robert Pattinson, it’s by surrounding himself with the people who know and love him best: his parents, Richard and Clare Pattinson, and his leading lady, Kristen Stewart.
The Twilight hunk and his family arrived for dinner and drinks at Glowbal Grill & Satay Bar in Vancouver, British Columbia, about 9:30 p.m. on May 13th. But the celebration didn’t get into full swing until 30 minutes later, when Kristen finally arrived with her older brother, Cameron, in tow. Wearing a cleavage-baring tank and skinny jeans, the 19-year-old actress immediately made herself comfy next to the birthday boy and shared around of Kobe beef meatballs and satay skewers with his mom and dad. Then, perhaps showing how their Bella Swan-Edward Cullen synchronicity translates offscreen, Kristen and Robert both ordered the same dish—steak and veggies—while the rest of the table opted for lamb. And while Rob’s close friend Sam Bradley and co-stars Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen), Jamie Campbell Bower (Caius), and Charlie Bewley (Demetri) were also on the intimate guest list, it was Kristen who captivated the beer-and-red-wine-drinking Robert’s attention. “Rob’s face was plastered with a smile all evening,” says an eyewitness, “He definetly chatted with Kristen the most. It was always animated, and he made sure he faced her when they spoke to each other.”
Kristen was equally attentive up until the moment the lights came on at 12:30 a.m. and the group called it a night. “She seemed really happy and she didn’t check her phone once,” continues the eyewitness. “It was as if the only people she needed to talk to were with her.”

Moving On.

That sounds like foreboding news for actor Michael Angarano, who has been dating Kristen for three years after meeting her on the set of the movie Speak in 2004. “The hardest thing in life is maintaining personal relationships and feeling like they’re real,” Kristen admits. “I don’t think I’m ever going to not fumble around.”
Michael’s attempted to make things easier on her since filming started in March, but his efforts have done little to revive their relationship or prevent Rob and Kirsten from strengthening their bond. “Her career has taken off, and Kristen slowly started shutting Michael out of her life,” reveals an insider close to the actor--,” sounds to me like Kristen in trying to say something, “Now he suspects she really does like Rob,” adds the insider.
Michael seems to have feared the possibility of such a love triangle from the beginning. He declined Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke’s offer to cast him in the first movie because his character would have had a crush on Bella and ultimately got his feelings hurt after Bella chose Edward. “I tried to get him to play Mike,” Catherine mentioned to us as the ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards in LA on May 11. “That was the only part that would’ve been right for him, but it was kind of small, and Michael was going to be in the awkward position of being jealous of Edward. It was a little too close to home.”
Accepting the role would have meant painfully witnessing Kirsten and Rob’s connection first-hand. “Kristen and Robert have amazing chemistry; they’re great together,” Elizabeth Reaser, who stars as Esme Cullen, told Life & Style at The Bash charity event on May 17 in LA.

Now, after filming two movie together and with at least two more likely in the future, the co-stars are tighter than ever. “It’s intense when you do such an intense project,” Catherine tells Life & Style,” of good job Catherine , “She continues, “They’re interested in each other, like a fascination.” In fact, embarking on a journey together (next stop: Italy!) seems almost to be Robert and Kristen’s destiny, like their characters, soul mates Edward and Bella.” Falling more and more in love with each other as their journey goes on just like Edward and Bella. “Catherine tells Life & Style, “To decide who was going to be Edward, I had chemistry reads over at my house on my bed, and when it was Robert and Kristen together, you could just tell…this is it.””

A picture of Kristen and Michael, a picture of Michael and Nikki, a picture of the Italian Volturi castle, a picture of Rob smiling on set, a picture of Bella and a gang member on a motor cycle, a picture of Laurent from Twilight, and a picture of the familiar prom scene have captions that read like this, “Kristen’s Relationship With Michael Is Fizzling.
While Kristen has been heating things up with Robert, Michael’s been seeking comfort from Nikki Reed, Kristen’s best friend and New Moon co-star. At I Love Sushi in LA on May 5, Michael, who co-starred with Nikki in 2005’s Lords of Dogtown, was overheard talking to Nik about his relationship. “For now, Kristen and Michael have put things on hold and have taken a break,” reveals an insider. “He hopes she comes back to him.”

Close Confidants.

Michael has been spending more and more time with Nikki lately, even filming the YouTube video “Twilight Director’s Smackdown” together.”
Do I smell a couple swap between Rob+Nikki and Kristen+Michael?

Italian Castle: “Their romantic next step.
After wrapping the Vancouver portion of New Moon’s filming, the crew is heading to Montepulciano, a picturesque hilltop town in the Tuscany region of Italy, to shoot the Volturi scenes. Most of the cast don’t appear in this part of the movie, so Robert and Kristen will have plenty of time along to explore the countryside. “My part unfortunately doesn’t shoot in Italy—I’m really bummed,” Peter Fancelli, who plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen, tells Life & Style. “Maybe I’ll try to stow in Rob’s suitcase.”

Rob smiling: “You’ll see more Rob.
Brooding vampire Edward Cullen’s absence looms over the New Moon book—but fans couldn’t go that long without ogling his portrayer, Rob! Instead of Bella just hearing Edward’s voice when she’s in danger, “Edward will appear as kind of an apparition,” says director Chris Weitz. That makes Robert a tad nervous. “I really wanted it to be a complete absence,” he says. “It’s easier to give it more power at the end if I’m completely absent.””

Bella and Gang Member: “Bella takes bigger risks.
Bella Swan’s a dirt-biking daredevil in New Moon, and the film has her taking her stunts to a higher level to make Edward appear. Kristen was spotted hopping on the back of a gang member’s motorcycle during the scene in which Jessica (Anna Kendrick) and Bella go to a movie theater.”

Laurent: “Laurent fights back.
The novel “talks about my character getting chased and destroyed by werewolves,” says Edi Gathegi, who plays Laurent. But this evil vampire goes down swinging in a new action-packed scene added to the movie.”

Prom: “The shocking ending.
After not saying, “I love you,” in Twilight, will Edward propose to Bella in the sequel? In the originally story, Edward tells Bella he’ll turn her into a vampire only if they get married, but after obtaining the latest version on the New Moon script, Life & Style can exclusively tell you that Edward has a different bargaining chip up his sleeve.”
Maybe that chip is what Bella wanted later before being turned into a vampire? Ringing any bells?

Okay, now later in the magazine I found Taylor and Selena in yet another magazine. It always looks like the same street and they always look like they’re in a photo shoot.
“Taylor and Selena: it’s official, they’re dating!
After sushi on May 17, the couple cuddled in downtown Vancouver before hopping into a cab together.
Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez claim they’re just friends, but onlookers in Vancouver—where he’s filming New Moon and she shooting Ramona and Beezus—tell Life & Style the two are definetly a teen supercouple! On May 4, the duo dined at the Keg restaturant. “Taylor walked Selena back to her hotel afterward,” says a witness. “When she didn’t think anyone was around, she wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a big kiss!” When it was time to leave, adds the witness, Taylor snuck out the back door.
Things heated up even more during Canada’s Victoria Day weekend. Selena, 16, spent May 16 shopping with Taylor’s youngest sister, the witness says. The next day, Taylor, 17, swung by Selena’s hotel and picked her up for a later lunch at the Japanese spot Ichiban-Ya. As they sat in the back dining on sushi and sipping on iced tea, an onlooker heard Taylor tell Selena, “You smell good—I always smell you. I smelled you on my pillow this morning.” Selena responded with a giggle, and Taylor picked up the check.
Still, the duo haven’t had the easiest time letting their romance bloom—Taylor’s father has been keeping a protective eye on them, and Selena has a large body guard whose often around. But despite the obstacles, the two have become inseperable in recent weeks, even going go-karting and checking out the flick 17 Again at a local theater. How cute!”
Well good for those two! They are cute and obviously not affected by rumors.

Is Selena a good Nessie? Vote on the new poll in the sidebar.

Peace Love Twilight

Friday, May 22, 2009


Guess what yo? Sorry, RJ (Randy Jackson) moment there. But guess what? They started filming in Monte-whatever today!!

Check out the Volturi’s secretary or whaetv-s! I donno about you, but I pictured a little more frumpy looking person. Not another model. I mean, she’s not a vampire, yet.

Peace Love Twilight

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sweet and Simple
“St. Marcus Day” in Monte-whatever. Definitely getting into the New Moon fever!
Friggin awesome New Moon Entertainment Weekly special! Must get!

I wonder if their going to show the cover of the book like they did last time, maybe at Bella’s party they’ll have white roses and have her blood dripping off it. How cool would that be?

They finished making the Volturi fountains…and maybe Volturi chairs?

Peace Love Twilight

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Moon Will Be At Comic-Con

Yep, can't get anymore simple than: New Moon has a panel reserved at the comic-con.

There you have it.

Peace Love Twilight

Alice's Porche!

OMG, Alice's porche was found! How awesome. I'm going to say this a million times...they keep getting more and more into the better stuff!
How cool!

Peace Love Twilight

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Peace Love Twilight

Did I Tell You So, Or What?

Yes, I so told you so. Robert Pattinso confirmed that he his doing Breaking Dawn, just that because of his busy schedule, he doesn't know when. Before heading to Italy to shoot the final four days on New Moon, Pattinson told a reporter that Summit hasn't been able to set a start date for the last Twilight Saga film because of his busy schedule. On his checklist, includes:
a romantic drama, 'Remember Me'/'Memoirs', and then closing up with Eclipse this fall (did you hear that? This fall! So soon!) and then joining Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz on the set of, 'Unbound Captives,' as early as year's end.
Wow, has Twilight opened doors or what?
Anyway, once again I suggest you don't fret...they can't have a Twilight Saga without having Breaking Dawn. No need fret.
And I'll bet Kristen will convince him to stay...:D

Peace Love Twilight

I Think It's Pretty Obvious...

Yeah, I think it's pretty obvious now that the mysterious town Monte-whatever, you know, the one with the sign? I'm now, personally 100% sure that is the Volturi area for New Moon which they will be arriving at pretty soon. I haven't really thought of this, I just thought about it day wise: only about six months until New Moon. How weird?

Peace Love Twilight

The OFFICIAL New Moon Poster!

This is the official New Moon p0ster (minus the featuring Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, and Robert Pattinson. I think the poster definetly represents New Moon. I mean, Edward jealous of Jacob but feels he's better for Bella and can't completly regret. Edward being there, but Bella not really seeing it. And Jacob has so real jealousy and hatred towards Edward. How right on?

Peace Love Twilight

Monday, May 18, 2009

New Moon News (Try Saying That 10 Times Fast!)

We love Rob right? But how much more drama can we handle? I gurantee you it’s another spoof, and once fans convince him other wise he’ll forget ever mentioning it. Robert Pattinson’s contract is up after Eclipse, he’s considering not coming back for Breaking Dawn. At the end of the sail ride you can’t just decide to jump off! I think soon, he’ll realize, that if he jumps, he can’t swim. So don’t fret yet. It’ll all be fine.

Aw! How cute!
Taylor and Selena out for their third lunch during his shooting. Gosh, as much as I hate seeing him with a girl, it’s nice to see him happy. And how can you ignore that amount of cuteness? I think Taylor’s falling in love. Aw… our little boy’s growing up to be a werewolf. And he’s imprinted all ready.

At the MTV movie awards exclusive real New Moon footage will be released. Lautner, Pattinson, and Stewart will all present it on stage together. Last year the clip of our Edward and James in battlefield mode was released as our one minute sneak, this year… who knows?
May 31st it’s on don’t miss it. They said these clips have never been seen before!

New Moon one of the most anticipated movies of the year. Well, duh!

Twilight the movie is up for some major awards!

Fountains are installed in Montepulciano’s Main Square. Yes the same place that mysterious sign showed up. Suspicous? Yes.
New Moon poster released tomorrow in newspapers! OME! Or OMJ! Or whatever you prefer! I don’t care! I’m so excited!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lesbo's I Mean, NIKKI'S Birthday

Nikki lesbo had her big whoppin 21st birthday. Congrats.
Oh whatever, enough about the act, I HATE YOU YOU FREAKIN LESBO!

Peace Love Twilight

Friday, May 15, 2009

Twi-Star Nikki Reed Eclipse Predicting

Our favorite Twi-stars to be back in action for the third movie: Eclipse. Or so, star Nikki Reed, dishes out in an interview at a cell-phone promotion. She says they’ll be back filming around August 27th, oh how soon! Yes! But they’ll be doing little stuff much earlier, that’s just when they officially start filming on schedule. Kind of like an unscheduled and optional practice for a baseball team. And why would the players turn it down?

Peace Love Twilight


We had three votes on our poll of what team you were.
In first place with THREE VOTES: Team Jacob.
And tied for second with NO VOTES: Team Switzerland and Team Edward.

Congrats Team Jacob-ers! Or ites, or whatever you call yourselves!

Peace Love Twilight

KStew as An Old Lady

On Robert Pattinson's last day of filming, guess what scene they filmed? The grandmother dream of Bella's. They had to rush this because they had to get Rob out of there. I'm sure hoping they didn't rush it too much.

They were also shooting on the meadow, his last day of filming! Yes, the meadow scene!
So excited!

But since Pattinson is gone, that means that the filming is all going to be, "Jacob. Jacob. Jacob. Taylor. Taylor. Taylor," from now on. That is, at least until they leave for Italy. Which is, as some say, only a week-to a month away!
Such excitement!

Peace Love Twilight

Rob's Italian Body Double?

Is this possibly Rob's Italain body double?
You know, the guy who will be thrown around like a rag doll, the guy who will be up in trees, and the guy who will be knealing to the ground and flung around my fifteen year old vampire (who in this case is Dakota Fanning).
Peace Love Twilight

Twi-Rings, Twi-Beauty, and Twi-Filming

These people made good points, not only that Ashely Greene is extremely beautiful without trying, and not that it's obvious she's done filming now, but also that she has a ring on her left hand. Can you guess what finger it's on? The ring finger.

Okay, Stephenie without a ring, and Ashely with a ring...
a little weird.

Peace Love Twilight

Gaping Holes

There's a giant hole in Bella's house! Many assume, that from that perspective, they're either filiming Edward looking on to her,
or looking at her depressed through a window,
and many other possibilities!
But, I don't know about you, that hole, sure cuaghty MY interest.
Peace Love Twilight

Thursday, May 14, 2009


You guys only have 22 HOURS left to vote for your Twi-team, otherwise I'm going to have to give it to Team Jacob. Like I said, I know all of you can't be Team jacob. I mean, for crying out loud, the book is centered around Edward! I'd figured 75% of you would be voting Team Edward, but no, you're not even voting! And I can name five people right off the bat of whom are Team Switzerland. Don't make me mention your name! Cause I will if you don't vote!

Peace Love Twilight

Twi-Star That Can't Age B-day Party. Twi-Star That Can't Drink At A Bar.

Kristen Stewart, Ashely Greene, Jamie Campbell-Bower, all joined Robert Pattinso for his 23rd birthday bash after filming. They had great food, and surely enough…then came drinks. But hold it, Kristen isn’t legal. I wonder what happened…

Peace Love Twilight

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Italy Filming Location?

There was a mysterious sign posted on a gate of the Fortezza in Montepulciano. This is the same building that had recently held auditions, for what...? Who knows. I'm not sure, but I think a few of us have a pretty good idea.

Peace Love Twilight

Twilight Moms Site

Interesting Article

Little Twi-News

Stephenie Meyer wins best author of the year for Breaking Dawn. Congratulations! How many awards is this woman gonna win? But, my predictions say, it's only getting started.

Volturi done filming in Vancouver. They’ll most likely be back for filming in Italy. That's more off the list. Really, like I said, getting down to the REALLY REALLY good stuff...filming-wise.

Robert Pattinson turned 23 yesterday. Happy birthday Rob! May 12th. Remember that day. The birth of a genius twenty-three years ago.

Peace Love Twilight

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Come on you guys, only two days left to vote on what team you are. Fine, I'm the only one who voted! There. I told you my vote!
Yes, Team Jacob. I am Team Jacob.
Now, come on people, is it that hard to answer an opinionated question and hit submit? AND IT'S ABOUT TWILIGHT?!
OME, it's like I don't even know you guys any more.

Team Switzerland....
Team Jacob....
Team Edward....


Peace Love Twilight

3 Twi-Sitings+ Freakin' Lucky/Retarted Twi-Fan

Maybe why Taylor Lautner looked so tired is because he was dancing in the rain and jumping over fire hydrants again. But, what made him so excited to the point that he jumped over a fire hydrant? Maybe, just a thought, maybe it's because of the hanging out with Selena? Or maybe the two lunches he had with her. Because you know, he was waiting for her when he decided to jump the red object.Maybe, just maybe, there's something going on between the two of the them and Taylor is physced about it.Maybe.

Ashely Greene spotted in Vancouver today with a, 'Kiss My Arse!' shirt.

Dakota Fanning says hi to some fans in her super cool outfit! She was complemented on her classic black leatherjacket, on her brown boots (which probably cost more than my salary in a year), and on her classic black legginings(which, if they are in, could totally be bought at Target). idiot! Why didn't she read them? This world is getting so confusing to me.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Moon Trailer

If you really want to sit through Aly Michanka and Vanessa Hudgens, you can see the New Moon trailer in Band Slam in August. I mean, I would be willing to watch it just to see the trailer. And also, probably alot of people will see it because it was advertised in the Twilight DVD. That's another reason by itself too. I don't know about you, that's just me. I could probably get a few other friends to see it with me too.

Peace Love Twilight

Robert Pattinson Done Shooting

Robert Pattinson is done filming in Vancouver. That means that they've gotten their clips for him for everything until he's needed in Italy. Or, as some say, he was in LA to film a new movie Remember Me. But, whatever the reason, his not in Vancouver shooting New Moon now.

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

WOH! How Weird! Rumor Central

This outta' start a rumor. Stephenie Meyer was eating with Cameron Bright and Robert Pattinson, right? Well, you know how sometimes in movies people take their wedding rings off to make it look like they're not married? Well, that could be what Stephenie Meyer did. Someone mentioned on I think it was the TwiCrack website, that in one of her picks while signing autographs, she didn't have her wedding ring on. How strange. I mean, I'm not going ot accuse, but, that's defintetly bound to start some rumors.
What was the Queen of Twilight up to?
I donno, but she had better be more careful.

Peace Love Twilight

Stephenie On Set & Usage of Contacts

Kristen Stewart wasn't kidding the vampires' new look is very "crisp and fresh." The yellow contacts like glow and are like snakes'. The red glow too. I mean, like, really pop.
Umm, Dakota Fanning, or better known as, 'Jane,' wore her first pair of red contacts today.

Umm, Stephenie Meyer is on set. Just making sure you know that.

Uhh, yeah, that's 'bout it.

Peace Love Twilight


Come on you guys, you've got to vote for your Twi-team. So far we've got one vote: Team Jacob. And I know all of you out there aren't Team Jacob. It's impossible. So vote.
Team Jacob
Team Switzerland
Team Jacob

Peace Love Twilight

100th Post: Food, Taylor Lautner, Locations, and Retards.

Rachelle takes Dakota out shopping and for lunch.

The New Moon cast dines with David Slade. So that's why he was flying in.

Cameron Bright, Stephenie Meyer, and Robert Pattinson were at Radaronline's Blue Water Grill.

Taylor Lautner-
Somebody lives in Jacob's house. A divorcee lives in the house that is Jacob's in the Twi-movies. Lucky.

Has anybody seen Taylor Lautner lately? The poor boy needs some down time. His lanky sixteen-year-old body isn'tup for all this constant werewolf action. He looks like me in the morning. And that's saying something. He's probably excited that there's only about 120 days left of filming. Maybe. Dude, between being the son, and goingwith girls, and school, and having a job...the boy is a multitasker.Speaking of Taylor Lautner, when I was babysitting earlier, me charge was watching, 'The Adventure of Shark Boy and Lava Girl,' and I actually watched it. Usually I'll flip right by it saying, "Hey, Taylor Lautner is in that movie," but this time I actually watched it. And for that reason alone: Taylor Lautner is in that movie.I wonder if he realizes how popular he is with about every crowd of audience. (ecspecially this one, right here)

I guess Vancouver was a good choice in location. I've been checking out the weather the past few days...comparingForks-the location in the book, ...- the many places they filmed last time, and Vancouver- where they're filmingnow. And the degree difference has never gone about six, and barely ever got that differentiated. And like, 80% ofthe time the weather was the same. Sometimes it would be cloudy some place and rainy the other, but they did prettygood.

Mellisa Rosenberger. Yes, the script writer who ruined are movies. She was glowing and is obiously thrilled withDavid Slade chosen as Eclipse director. That either means that he's going to make something terrible awesome, orsomething that's already terrible, worse.

Happy 100th Post!
Peace Love Twilight

Friday, May 8, 2009

Peter Twi-Filming, David Slade Twi-Siting, and Top Twi-Names.

Peter is done filming too. They're really getting down to the good stuff. I mean, with only 198 days left to go, how can they not be?

Um, David Slade was spotted. Maybe they're starting Eclipse even earlier. Who knows. It's all so complicated.

The 2008 top names included a few Twilight names:
Boy Name-#1 Jacob
Boy Name-#2 Micheal
Girl Name-#2 Isabella

Peace Love Twilight

Thursday, May 7, 2009

What Happens In An Interview...

What happens in an interview most likely won't stay there. At least for more than fifteen minutes. Kellan Lutz, when being asked about dating rumors, he wondered, "I'm still suprised that Nikki and I rumors haven't spread yet. I mean, they've got all these other people...but not her yet. "
Hm, does he want us to be suspicuos about he and Nikki?

*Be careful what you wish for*

Peace Love Twilight

T.B.T.W. (Twilight By The Way/PS) 2 more posts to go until that big whoppin' number 100!

Peter+Michelle & More Book Releases &100th Post

Peter and Michelle are done filming and are back in town. My common since tells me since they don't need them anymore: that they're done with La Push cliff diving and with catastrophic birthday diasters. Because "Carlisle" stitches "Bella" for her birthday screw-up, and the only time "Victoria" really shows up is when "Bella" 'sees' her in the water. So, they must be getting donw to the really good stuff.

But, that also leads me to wondering, with the New Moon Collectors Edition, New Moon Movie Version, New Moon Book Guide, and New Moon Movie Guide (and more) coming out, how much money Summit Entertainment, Little Brown and Company, and Stephenie Meyer are making out of all this publicity. I can't even think about that, it'll give me a headahce.

Oh, and also, BTW, we're very close to nearing our 100th post! Who knows what I'll throw out there for it! Wait and see!

Peace Love Twilight

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Moon Poster Winner!

The winner of the New Moon poster is "He's Gone."
1st Place "He's Gone" with 2 votes
2nd Place "Here Comes Jane" with 1 vote
3rd Place "Temporary Goodbyes" with no votes.

The poster is now posted on the side. Thanks for your votes!

(P.S. New poll coming! Vote Team Edward, Team Jacob, or Team Switzerland!)

Peace Love Twilight

Little News

Kellan Lutz is not gay. He has a girlfriend and has been house shopping with her in L.A. for his short break from shooting New Moon.

Kelly Clarkson's song 'Did You' on the New Moon soundtrack? It's a rumor for now, but I'll confirm when/and if it's official.

'The Host' was released one year ago. Happy birthday!

Peace Love Twilight

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Volturi

The Volturi are in Vancouver! They all must be so excited! I know I would be. Am I right?

Peace Love Twilight

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Twi-Stars Labeled? Twilight Impacted Future Generations?

Will the Twilight stars--Lautner, Stewart, Pattinson--forever be labeled as Twi-stars? Will all that fame and attention get to their heads when it's the twilight of Twilight?

I personally believed the Twilight Series has inspired women to be independant, I think it has inspired people to believe in their own fantasy, I believed it has opened many people up to the world of good and evil. I believe, that this book, as child-ish as this may seem, will bring inspiration to some that will then bring this world out of it's terrible depression. I believe Twilight has changed the world. Even if that's not what our beloved Mrs. Meyer intended, she still got more than just wanting money to pay off a mini van.

Peace Love Twilight

My Other Bolg

Check out my other blog about what happened after Breaking Dawn.

Peace Love Twilight

New Moon News

Hey, the first video on the sidebar, umm, from the New Moon set. Apparently in the first movie scene, not the one with Mike and Jacob, the one with Jessica...they mixed it up. I personally think this was one of the better screws. What they did was when they were leaving the movie Bella sees a guy who's kind of like the gang guy in Twilight, and she decides to take a ride with him on his motorcycle. And, while this is happening, she hears Edward's voice...and even more, to her, he's standing right next to her telling her not to. So, mainly, sence we don't hear many of Bella's thoughts, what's happening is she figures out that it's danger that attracts Edward fantisies, but to make it more percise, she makes sure that her danger includes motorcycles. I think this screw was for the better!

Peace Love Twilight