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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Breaking Dawn(s) Directors Pt. 2

Here are some of Moviefone's suggestions for the director of Breaking Dawn(s):

Catherine Hardwicke: She brought the first movie to life and set the stage for other directors, so it might seem fitting and nice that she tie it all together in the end and reunite with the original cast as the curtain closes. However, her lack of experience in special effects -- and the general sense that the first 'Twilight' film didn't meet expectations -- makes her a long shot.

Peter Jackson: Best known for bringing 'The Lord of the Rings' novels to life on the big screen, he is a master behind the lens. His ability to turn a simple conversation between characters into a highly detailed scene could take 'Breaking Dawn' to the next level. Jackson's background in the fantasy genre would be a perfect fit for the Bella transformation plot of the final novel. Just imagine the power of 'Twilight' and 'LOTR' fans united.

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Now what do I think regarding teh Breaking Dawn(s) directors? I think that if it is in fact going to be seperated into two movies, they should have Chris Weitz direct the first part and put his unique edge to it, and then let Catherine Hardwicke tie the saga up with her odd style and the unique ending.

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