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Saturday, October 31, 2009

9 Minutes Of New Moon

Yeah, she did it again. Mandazz sent this to me, and I'm in love with it. Well, I probably shouldn't have watched it considering that New Moon is 20 days away...but let's face it, I couldn't help myself. It does actually have every clip in order, non repeating.

Most of this is clips I haven't seen before. Edward can look so evil, and I hurt so bad when he left Bella, that in the clip I actually wanted her to stay with Jake. Who is looking finnne in that brown top. And the werewolf thing is pretty cool too. And how the vampires run. Everything looks perfect. Yes, I said it. Perfection.
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MTV New Moon Clips

Source: Danger Magnet

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(20 days)

Rosalie's Flashback in Eclipse

For surrrre Rosalie's flashback scene.

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Eclipse (!) And New Moon Pics

Eeepppp! Yea! It's Eclipse!

And our beloved New Moon, but of course. (Which is mear 20 days away, may I add.)

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Ashley New/Old + Nikki New Photos

These lovely ladies. I do love them very much. Ashley Greene has a very sophisticated kind of beauty, while Nikki Reed is a bad-ass hot style.

Source: TwiCrack [2]

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What To Wear, What To Wear

I really want the hoodie and yellow-looking top. Go Team Jacob! Only 29 days. CAN YOU FREAKING BELIEVE IT!!!?

Source: TwiCrack
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New Moon Soundtrack

Want your New Moon Album? Listen here.

Buy the album here.
It is also available on iTunes.
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Heart-Wrenching Rob Pics

Whether they're new or old that has yet to be decided.
Cause of death to Princess Twilight is quite clear.
Robby P syndrome.
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Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift Dating? Looks That Way.

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift have become BFF's since
starring together in the February 2010 movie "Valentine's Day".
Taylor took time out from filming Eclipse to see Taylor Swift's concert in Chicago at the All State Arena on October 9th AND October 10th. He definitely enjoyed himself.
According to one lucky fan who sat next to him for three songs, "He is a doll."
Is something more in the air with T2? Only time will tell... Taylor heads back
to Vancouver to finish filming Eclipse, the third Twilight Saga installment, due
in theaters on June 30, 2010.

Source: RobstenLovers
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Ashley Greene Is Team Jacob!

All of the news today is weeks, if not months old. I'm just posting what's on the never-ending list. We still have open positions! Contact me at is you are interesting in blogging--or guest blogging--here.

Twilight Review interviewed Ashley Greene. Read the rest over at their site.
Are you Team Edward or team Jacob?

Ashley Greene: Ughhhh… harsh. I really really adore Rob and Edward’s awesome, but I’m Team Jacob. Is just… You gotta love Taylor, he plays an amazing Jacob, so… my heart belongs to him. Hahaha! We know that a lot of acting on a TV or movie is waiting. Do you have one particular activity you like to do while waiting?

AG: Call my mom. Or any of my friends. Or talk to my friends thru AIM. Actually, I talk. To everyone. Oh! And annoy Rob. That’s my favorite thing to do. Also it was obvious that the cast seem to be very tight. Do you guys have fun behind the scenes or is it a fairly serious atmosphere? Do you have any behind the scenes stories you’d like to share?

AG: We’re all like brothers and sisters, so we’re having fun all the time. Funny stories? Well, there’s a lot. But one funny thing we’re always doing with Kellan, Jack and Xavier is annoy Rob singing Katy Perry or Miley’s songs. We suck as singers, so we freak him out terribly.

Source: ROBsessed

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Official Breaking Dawn Info

Acting Auditions shared information about Breaking Dawn. Apparently, Summit is off over the weekends, and other bloggers had protested against this guys info saying, "I called Summit today, and they said the film has not been green lit." They got their information from Production Weekly, which has been confirmed that their information is 100% correct. Apparently info is not released publicly, by, well, just about anyone, until the very last minute. This person SWEARS it's true. It also claims that Examiner and The Portlander all confimred this. I'm actually believing this so far. Apparently, this going to be filmed back in the good-ol' original home town, Portland. I'm actually happy to tell you that. I really want them to go back to where they started. Apparently, photography will begin September 2010 and the director has not been announced yet. And the producing company is Sunswept Entertainment. They were around for Eclipse and Twilight, but not New Moon. On the website they also shared that Melissa Rosenberg will be writing the script for Breaking Dawn. And here's our possible sypnosis that is gonna be on the back of the BD DVD case??

Check all of this out here.

Source: ROBsessed


Apparently, the article from Acting Auditions, was FALSO!!

Read about it here.

Source: ROBsessed



"Word has been flying around the blogosphere that "Breaking Dawn," the fourth film in the "Twilight" series, may be shooting in Oregon next September.
For the record, we have not yet been contacted by production about this possibility and have not been hired to provide casting services...We appreciate your understanding and hope to have more information for you in the future."

Source: RobstenLovers

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Kellan Lutz Working Out And Princess Twilight Swooning :-)

October 10th Kellan Lutz was snapped working out in a gym, and as usual, this muscle hunk, is looking FIIINEEE!

Source: Twilight Sisterhood
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Sunday, October 18, 2009


So, we had our assumptions about Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner when they had started filming, "Valentine's Day." But, what do they expect us to think when he attended all of her shows for a couple of days? Watching in the front row, Lautner never took his eyes off Taylor. He was accompanied by his security guards almost everywhere he went, but's ADORKABLE!

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OME! More New Moon Stills!

<-- Note how, this still, is much like another, just Bella's hallucination of Edward is not there...
<--- Go Sam, go!
<--Alice looks terrible, Edward looks hot, and Bella looks frantic. It MUST be New Moon!
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Eclipse Opening Scene: Riley Running In Rain

Okay, so here's spoilery good-ness of Riley running away from Victoria for Eclipse's opening scene.

*UPDATE* The video's embedding feature has been disabled. To watch the video on YouTube, click here.

For more, click here!

Sources: TwiCrack and RobstenLovers

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More New Moon Pics

I've already shown you this pic of Emily (Sam's fiance), but here are some new ones of Demetri (Volturi) and Billy (Jacob's dad).

Source: RobstenLovers
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New Moon Clip Screencaps

Okay, by the way Edward is sparkling, I'm guessing this is the very beginning scene in the book when Bella has the dream about her "gram."

Source: TwiCrack

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Moon Song Chit-Chat

Alex Brown Church of Sea Wolf on “The Violet Hour”Do you know what scene [the song] will be featured in?
All I know is it’s going to be in a party scene … a house-party scene.
Can you give us some sample lyrics?
Your arms are lovely
Yellow and rose
Your back’s a meadow
Covered in snow
Your thighs are thistles
And hothouse grapes
You breathe your sweet breath
And have me wait
Annie Clark, also known as St. Vincent, on her song with Bon Iver, “Rosyln.”

How did they react when they found out you were going to be included on the soundtrack?
I pretty much got every female member of my family just beside themselves. I’ve been asked many times if I think I’ll get to meet Robert Pattinson—fingers crossed, fingers crossed. I have a nine-year-old sister who calls me constantly about it, and I also have a 39-year-old sister, and she and her kids are thrilled about it. She’s a Twilight mom. She’s got little boys, and they love Twilight, too. It really is a phenomenon.
What’s the mood of [the song]?
It’s a melancholy, bittersweet kind of song with softer acoustic guitar and slide guitar—we kind of make up this choir of voices. It’s a somber song, for sure, very aching, longing, and beautiful. Typical Justin Vernon.
Do you know what scene they’re using it for?
I don’t know where the song will be in the film, but I know that Edward and Bella will not have sex to it.
Tim Nordwind of OK Go
What does ["Shooting the Moon"] sound like?
It’s a psychedelic acoustic song. It’s different from what people have known from us before. I don’t think we’ve ever released a psychedelic folk jam! For anyone who knows [of] the band, I think it will be a pleasant surprise from all guitars all the time. There’s a heavy emotive quality to our song. I hope that people who buy the soundtrack like it. You hope that it’s a gateway to people wanting to check out more.
Can you give us a sample of some of the song lyrics?
What can he tell ‘em now
Sorry I let you down
Sorry I wasn’t quite true
But don’t get hung up on it
Just soldier on with it
And good luck shooting the moon
Sounds very apropos. Do you know what scene it’s featured in?
Yes, I do. It’s a montage scene. The song itself is a thoughtful, acoustic song, and the scene they’re using it for is a moment when you see the two kids flirting with each other for the first time.
You mean Bella and Jacob?
Right, yeah.

Read the full article here.
Source: TwiCrack
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Twilight Products

I actually have a story to go along with this post. When I was in Wisconsin, well actually on my way back, I stopped at this little candle shop right at the border of Indiana and Ohio. I was just on my way out when I spotted a Twilight book. Like the smart one I am, I ran over to where the book was--yes, ran, away from the lady at the cash register checking out my things. Under it on a table, were candles. Twilight-themed candles. I first smelled the purple one, named, 'Bella.' No offense, but Bella smelled bad. Like, a cross between bad and cheap perfume and fruity smells. Not good. Next, I tried 'Edward'. He smelled like lillac and light fruit. A relief against Bella's. 'Jacob', was, well, better than Bella's. Not quite as good as Edward's. 'Jacob' smelled very woodsy, but with a kind of, cinnamon tint(?). I ended up buying 'Jacob' and 'Edward.' Sorry, Bella. So, then I walked back to the counter, and the lady picked up the candles giving me, 'the look.' Then when I was just leaving, she said, "So, you're a twilight addict?" I said, "Yep. How about you?" She whispered, "I'm crazy obsessed. Checking blogs everyday." I said, "Oh, really? Well, I write one." She laughed and then said, "Really? Which one?" "Umm, it's called Twilighter's Blog." "Is it like orange colored?" "Yeah..." I said. She said, "I think I've seen that before!" I said, "Really? I'll have to share my crazy story then." She was a nice lady. We talked about the Twilight-themed-candle scents before I left, too.

Anyway, here's the Bath and Body Products that are in stores now.

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Halloween Vampires: Do's and Dont's

Vampire Look - What to do and what not to doThe cool thing about the vampire look in Twilight is that it's beautiful and sexy. That's the whole point. So we're really going to try to focus on this. I've seen pictures of a lot of girls dressing up as vampires for release parties and they can only manage the "dead/pale" look, but sometimes it's very un-Twilight. A bit cartoonish. We are going to try and stay away from that in this guide. More important than looking "dead" and "pale" is looking "inhumanly beautiful", in my opinion. And that's what we're going to do :).

So what is, yours truly, Princess Twilight, wearing? Well, this awesome chick, is getting a plain black dress with a low and rounded neckline. It goes about an inch below your collar bone, and spreads to the middle of your shoulders. The sleeves are the long, and the back in plunging. It's also very sweeping. The material is cotton, black cotton. Then, I'm also going to get black contacts, and dress it up with black eyeliner and mascara. Of course simple lip gloss and white cover-up to match. And I'm going to curl my hair. That way I pull off my "sexy vampire" look. And if I feel like adding a cheesy pair of fangs, I will. :-) And, sense I do live in Ohio, sometimes the falls get a little cold, so just in case, I'm also buying a Fork werewolf jacket from Hot Topic. I know I went from vamp to wolf, but whatevs. :D

Anyway, read the rest of the article here.
Source: RobstenLovers
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Two Brand Spanking New New Moon Stills

Come Jacob, come!
Don't leave Edward! Don't!

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