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Friday, February 27, 2009

Cool Thoughts For Twilight Movies!

I had some random thoughts on the Twilight movies.*SPOILER WARNING*

I had thought and thought about options of people who could play roles in movies, and came up with some ideas that I think are pretty ingenius (if I do say so myself).
1. Rose McGowan should play an older version of Renesmee (sure she would have to die her hair brown again, but, hey, she's already brown eyed and slightly pale). I think she would be perfect!
2. This idea might not be as good as my first one, but I think it's pretty good. I was thinking that Alyssa Milano could play Sue Clearwater.
3. This idea I think is pretty phenomonal, like the first idea. Jojo could play Leah Clearwater! I think she would make a perfect Leah.
4. These ideas were terrible but I thought they were necessary to mention anyway. I was thinking either Aly or AJ could play, umm, Irina. I think it's a terrible idea, so, just a random thought.
5. I had also thought, even though she hasn't done any acting, I think her face and her in general would allow her to be a good Kate Denali-- Avril Lavine.
6. This idea I thought was perfect! All she would have to do is curl her hair and die it with a slight strawberry tint to make a perfect Kate Denali. Ashley Tisdale!

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Peace Love Twilight

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