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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Twilight Addiction Continues....

*Twilight Spoiler Warnings*

So, I just had a moment. I find this twist in the Twilight books preticularily intregging, and thought you might, too. Alice, was supposedly involved and loved by a vampire (as Bella) in her past life, and then the vampire she was involved with bit her (as Edward had refused to do to Bella) to save her life. And James had some part in that as he did with Bella's. James' coven had been involved in the three books, well, I guess you could say four-- because what they did impacted Bella's life in all four books--, and James had been interested in Bella and Edward in the same way she was with Alice and her mate. I found that disturbing that they didn't mention that in the movie-- but back to point, Alice hadn't seen because it was dark, but then how could she have possibly ended up with that gift it it's believed that their gifts have something to do with who they were before. So, maybe that's why Bella and Alice's gifts are both so powerful (other than the fact that Bella had a power when she was human), they were involved with vampires before becoming one. Maybe, just a theory.


Like I mentioned before, Dakota Fanning we believe will be playing the role of Jane in New Moon. Also, I'm quite intersted in who will play Aro, Felix, Marcus, etc. When I find news in that I will report. Anyway, I heard some buzz, that they not only fired Catherine because she was too hard to work with on set. They wanted to bring a little more Edward into the movie than the book-- which is okay with me, and Catherine didn't like it. I hope this dude doesn't mess it up (Chris what's-his-face). See, he had been the Golden Compass dude, which was, like, competly animation. And what's part of Twilight the movie's charm is that, most of it, is barely animated, it's mostly pure wirework. More news, VANESSA HUDGENS auditioned for Sue or Leah Clearwater! I don't know what you guys think of having her in the Twilight world, but in my opinion, they had better keep her out. Vanessa doesn't belong there. She should stay in her own world of High School Musical. I don't know, but I can barely read the New Moon book because of the lack of Edward, I think the movie should be barable though.

I'm also hoping that they do Eclipse and Breaking Dawn as well. In Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Bella and Edward get more in depth in their relationship. And, Breaking Dawn being my favorite book, I'm extremely excited to see that one on the big screen. It would definitely send whoever was in it strait to the stars! It's a very serious and lovey and action-filled and drama centered and the whole wrap up to the most amazing series of books and movies in the world! So, if the people play their roles well, which we know they will, their going to be considered very talented actors and actresses. I am concerned--(*SPOILER*)-- about who is going to play Renesmee. No, actually I'm anxious to see who they pick.


Peace Love Twilight

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