New Moon Countdown

Friday, November 13, 2009


1. Is it possible to ask Robert Pattinson the same questions in every interview? It seems that way....

Does the poor boy, who still calls London home, feel he has to hide? “I tend to
stay in the hotel because it’s highly publicised where I’m staying all the time.
There’s always a bunch of people outside. I can’t really be in LA now at all.
It’s not that the fans are threatening, but the paparazzi follow me all night.”
This hounding can evoke an absurd sympathy, considering the kid’s fortune and
prospects. But then he brightens, telling me he was buying a guitar the other
day and had to spell his name 12 times, and the guy still didn’t twig. “I loved
that. It was my fault — I wasn’t speaking loud enough.”

Check out the whole thing here.

2. Robsten Pic!!! Check it out here.

3. Ashley Greene is gonna be the December cover for Maxim. Check her out HERE. I am so jealous she it so beautiful, it's almost not right. Girl crush. :)

4. Robby P in Vanity Fair!!! Check out this scruptious (good word, right?) pictures, right here.

5. See some awesome pictures of the Twilight cast. Seriously, they are awesome. Apparently I missed some things in my "idle hours," but anyway, here's the place to see your pics!

6. Steph announces she's gonna be an Oprah, and she's giving up her "hermit" thing. At least for this.

You know I've been doing the hermit thing this last year, in so far as media is
concerned, and I'm not changing that now, but I am making an exception. I'm
doing this for a good reason: I am so pleased and amazed and thrilled with what
Chris Weitz has done with New Moon that I want to talk about it, and to show my
support for him. And since I'm only doing one interview, better make it big.
Really big. So....I will be on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Friday, November 13th.
Check the local listings on Oprah's website to find out what time it will be on
where you live.

Read it here! *UPDATE* View her videos here.

7. I support 'twilight fandom gives back' Read about it here.

8. Taylor has a 'READ' poster out that I am IN LOVE with. Look at this here. SWOON!

9. Look at pics from the 'Hot Topic' event that the Twi-cast attended, here, here, and here.

10. Then here's some lovely pics of Robby P from his press conference! <3>

11. Kristen said she would work with Rob again.

12. I am officially in love with Taylor Swift. She is so my new star best friend. Lol. And this, I'm pretty sure, is a pretty flat-out confirmation that she's dating Taylor Lautner. Right?

13. And here's KStew pics from the New Moon Press Conference.

14. Kristen Stewart talks about her love triangle here.


16. Deets on the New Moon DVD, here!

17. Watch Taylor Swift's Twilight spoof that was on SNL, apporietly named, 'Firelight.'

18. Here's a snapshot of Chris Weitz and Robby P on set of New Moon. [And Rob is SMILING!!!]

19. Rolling Stone rated the New Moon Soundtrack!!!

20. Vampires, Werewolves, Humans, Oh My! All were interviewed. Read the full interview here.

- Having had a strange one on one print interview
with Kristen Stewart last year, it was stunning to see how much she has
grown in 12 months. Calm, confident and still as sharp as a tack.
When asked whether she'd want to do a comedy next after such a busy year, she
said she expects to keep taking challenging roles. If the role doesn't
speak to her, she's not interested.
- Taylor Lautner said it was more difficult
to keep the muscle on for "Eclipse" and he wants to make sure he doesn't have to
go through such extremes for Breaking Dawn. He also said he's going to
take a break after promoting "New Moon," but expects to have a project he's
"very excited about" to announce soon.
21. KStew got herself our into the public supporting a good cause. "Kristen joined the Celibirty Walk Ambassodors for the Juneville Diabetes Research Foundation in the annual Walk To Cure Diabetes" Read about it here and check out some pics. Here's a video from the event:

22. This is one of those videos that just makes me fall in love with KStew all over again. Between her, and Taylor, and Rob, they all seem to be getting themselves put out there, and making sure people know that they're still the same people, behind that thick layer of rumors and gossip, and passed the vail of hype.

23. KStew talks to the paparazzi about the paparazzi. Ironic.

24. Here are some new and fresh and TOTALLY AWESOME videos of Rob, Kirsten, and Taylor talking about anything and everything!

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