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Monday, April 20, 2009

Breaking Dawn Is A-Going! :D

Breaking Dawn reportedly and supposedly got the green light from Summit Entertainment to be filmed!!! Your favorite Twilight book Breaking Dawn will also be brought to the big screen.
Also, it's being filmed early! In 2010!!! It wasn't expected until 2012-2015! This is a huge deal! And, if this film is going to be early... then that means before 2010 Eclipse and New Moon will have had to be out by them!

Also, on Eclipse news, no Drew Barrymore director... but it is reported that the beloved Juan Antonio Bayona will be replaced Chris Weitz who replaced Catherine Hardwicke.

Okay so, June 2010, Eclipse. Breaking Dawn relesed later that year around November-ish. So, we'll all be getting an over-dose (in a good way) on our Twi-meds.

Share the opinions of many Twilighters everywhere, including this one who has their own opinion on what scenes better had not be cut in New Moon.
Now, my opinion, my opinion is the one little scene that I REALLY had better see is when Charlie confronts Bella about being "dead around the house." Another scene I better get to see is when Bella is in Port Angeles and she sees the guys and heres Edward's voice. Also, I want to see Laurent and Bella's meet in the woods...I think we're going to get that, but let me remind, "we had better." And what I'm really physced to see is where they pick up in New Moon, and even more physced to see where they leave off. So, that being said, another scene I want to see is where the Cullens vote on Bella's human situation. Robert said it would live up to it's expectations...I sure hope so. Also, we missed the be-loved "I Love You" scene in the last movie... so somewhere along the lines they're going to have to express the love better than in Twilight... AND we had better get a proposal or two in there. My gut feeling is that they're going to throw one in the beginning of the film to add more drama to the whole Edward to Bella "I Can't Believe You Though I Actually Meant That" thing towards the end. I think they're going to add a quick proposal into the movie before the whole "Papercut" incident happens.
So, leave me a comment and tell me what scenes you want to see in the New Moon movie.

I've also predicted...based on facts that based on Twilight they can fit 4.2 pages on average into 1 minute of the film. So, that's why Twilight was 2 hours. And I've predicted the other film's times...
New Moon= 2 Hours 5 Minutes
Eclipse= 2 Hours 30 Minutes
Breaking Dawn= 3 Hours
And, I don't think any REAL twi-fan out there, would mind the Breaking Dawn book being three hours long. I sure wouldn't, I would still watch it. Also, if they're not rushing the film will end up with a better outcome.

So, completly off subject.... NEW FAV SONG!!! Second Chance- Shinedown

Twi-Stars get SHORT break between Eclipse and New Moon. Normally they'll get a few months... this time, they're reportedly getting a few weeks. So, VERY short.

Okay, once again I could care less what's different about the movies I'm going to see them and love them anyway. And I completly understand this, and anyone who has read Breaking Dawn will understand too and completly aprove. Breaking Dawn, they beilieve, is going to be rated, 'R.' But, like any Twi-fan still won't go to see it... I mean, come on. Our addiction won't flail that quickly.

More into twi-filming!
More twi-news coming!

Peace Love Twilight

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