New Moon Countdown

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Twilighters everywhere are constantly waiting for the release of New Moon. Thirty second videos and thirty second sneaks were supposed to occupy us until the release of the trailer.
Are they serious?
They really think a few lines from the movie and some glimpses of the stars will occupy us for months? Days at the most...but months? Really?
I'm hoping that the resources everywhere are realizing that they had better release more or else we're going to find out more. And in the their opinion, it's probably better for them to pick and show us what they want us to see...but, we'll honestly take either way. Either if we snuck it or it was shown. I think Stephanie Meyer gets the point...but does director Chris Weitz and others get it? Stephnaie Meyer had released the basis of the story, and some times the little description, and sometimes even the third chapter: in other words, she would keep us entertained while we were waiting for her books. If the movies don't do the same's going to be a bloody battlefield that is bound to attract vampires. Now, Catherine Hardwicke didn't have that problem because everybody was wrapped up in the books and all that was going on with Stephanie Meyer, but Chris Weitz and David Slade and Breaking Dawn director are going to have to realize that we fans won't wait.
So, I have a know how Stephanie Meyer released part of Midnight Sun on her website and how Catherine Hardwicke had released little scribble scenes that didn't even make sense to us at the time...? Well, my suggestion to Weitz, and this will keep us occupied and keep us informed on the things that aren't important: release either 1) the first paragraph of the script or 2) release part of Bella's birthday scene or the best of all
3) show us an example of what they're going to do with Bella's daydreams or dream-dreams of Edward.
That would keep us occupied until the trailer. And you know that they have to have the birthday scene done because Nikki Reed is done filming. And you know they have to have an idea about the dreams because they've already released the main basis.
They've also tried to keep us occupied with a new release every two weeks.

Basically what I'm saying here is every Twilighter out there is excited to the point of having seisures for New Moon. And if they want to keep it as secretive as possible, like they did in Twilight, they had better release something soon. And fast.

Peace Love Twilight

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