New Moon Countdown

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Vote for what you think is your favorite New Moon poster. I will have five different polls, vote for your favorite in each poll. The winners of every poll will go in a final poll. Then you will have your New Moon poster. These are your options:
1. That's not really Rob's body, just his head. Still, pretty cool. We're calling it, "Rob's Chest."

2. Now, we have a lot of posters LIKE these, you know the whole Bella and faded Jacob and Edward, but this one we're going to call, "Rising Sun."

3. Here's one like I just showed. I think it kind of shows the whole 'remembering Edward' thing when she's jumping off a cliff. And then there's the whole 'Jacob is a wolf' thing. So we're going to call this one, "Suicidal Love."

4. This is a whole lot like the second one, but I kind of liked it because it was simple. We're calling this one, "Dressed In Black Depression."

5. This one I like too, beacuse it's kind of like the whole Bella Jumping Off A Cliff thing. So we're calling this one, "Temporary Good-byes."

6. This is the first released New Moon poster. It's a little too simple for my taste. We're calling it, "Going Up In Flames."

7. I like this one because it represents Bella's lonlieness and deep depression. We're calling it, "He's Gone."

8. This I like because it is a very elegant picture of Victoria. But I think it would be better for Eclipse in my opinion. We're calling it, "Victoria's Anger."

9. This one we're calling "Open Wound" to demonstrate Bella's wound. Which is why the rip in the middle.

10. This one we're calling "Shining Hope" to demonstrate what little is left of Bella's hope-- which she has found in Jacob.

11. This we're calling the classic, "Edward and Bella."

12. This one we're calling "Bright As The Sun."

13. We're calling this classic, "The Volturi."

14. We're calling this one, "Lone Walk."

15. We're calling this one, "Here Comes Jane." I like this one because it's introducing Jane of The Volturi to us in this classic, 'the volturi is coming,' look.

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