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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Old Twi-News

Christian Serratos won an award for best supporting actress (yes for the role of Angela in Twilight). Wow.

Twilight taking second place for the most movie mess ups.
1. In the first diner scene, in the beginning of the film, the items/bottles rearrange themselves on the table between shots. Also, as Waylon walks away from the table, the liquid in Bella's glass disapears in one shot.
2. You can see the camera reflected in Bella's turck window after the boom on the first day of school.
3. When Bella and Edward are entering the woods Bella drops her bookbag off at a tree, but in a future scene the bookbag has dissapeared.
4. When Mike and Bella are talking about the school dance you can see the microphone reflected in Bella's car window.
5. A pocket appears on Edward's shirt in the meadow scene when the sun comes up (verses there being no pocket when the sun is down)
6. When Bella searches on her computer it reads "Apotamkin" (which is spelled correctly) and then on the page it's spelled "Apotampkin" (which is spelled incorrectly)
7. In a flash between a wide and close up shot pictures apear on the page that was orginally picture-less (the book that Bella bought in Port Angeles)
8. When Bella and Edward are arriving at the baseball field Emmett's jeep is dirty, but when they're leaving the jeep is clean
9. Bella left her purse and book in Edward's car when they're arriving at the Police Station after Port Angeles, but when she's home her purse is on the chair and she looks in the book. How? Movie Mess-up.
10. Something once again reflected from Bella's truck window, the boom mic is reflected when Charlie gets back with it from changing the tires.
11. You can see Bella's pads under her jeans on the morning she slips on the ice. You can see them before and after.

That's all I've got.

Peace Love Twilight

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