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Monday, January 26, 2009


Hey people of blogger, twilight, and beyond! Welcome to where I will blogging my future opinions and outlooks on certain subjects! Just some things you should know, I love to write! So, if my blogs seem kind of longer than the usual, that I probably really have something to say! Just because I'm in forever and always in love and bound to Twilight, doesn't mean that's all I'll blog about! But, if questions seem to be rising about Twilight, I'll probably do some research and provide it for your personal enjoyment. So that's the second thing, even though I love Twilight (which is kind of an understatement) that's not all I'll talk about. But, however, I have a different outlook on the world, different than most people do! I also have really strong opinions, so don't be surprised! I'm brand new to Blogger, but I'm sure once I get used to it, you'll be seeing, hearing, and expecting much more from me! Any of you other people who think you're just like me; hey'! Anyway, all of my friends consider me as quiet, normal, and intellectual; so I should go above and beyond! So, see you soon!

Peace Love Twilight

Want more Twilight quotes? I'll probably post more at some point.
Want to see some of my quotes? I'll probably post more at some point.

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