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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Twilight and Reality

Hey! I've got some new information for all you Twilight lovers! The movie is actually going to be released for sale on March 21, 2009. But, for those of you who don't want to waste trips to the store to find it sold out; you can pre-order your own safe and secure copy from a link on Stephanie Meyer's website! Here's the link that has the link

And by the way, all of you Twilight addicts; don't forget what I said about putting your life in a Twilight perspective it can help you out through so many different things in life! Just yesterday, after a friend read my blog, she realized that it can help you through pretty much anything. She said, but what about reality?

I said it can even help you out with that. Just ignore the vampire facts and look at the true love facts. But if your a true fan like me; you don't need to make those kind of exceptions!

Okay, the world is changing; we're in terrible economic times. It's just as bad as the Great Depression for most of us; but those of you who haven't quite seen it that way yet, don't worry; you will. The world's in danger, people are in danger, businesses are in danger, the government is in danger; everything that we know and consume and use and have and still believe in are in danger. And here's where the Twilight link comes in; I think one of the reasons everyone loves Twilight; is because it lets you escape from the current stress. I mean their vampires with a mortal, what more appressing than that? They're definetly not thinking about those things; the most thought they put into it is probably; I wonder when this will end, because I'll know I'll get to see the end of it. Well, maybe not even that, with Alice on their side! Plus, apart from the vampire side of things; they're a hapy family and together forever and they've got enough money and spunk to get them through anything. I mean, even if they did use it all their good looks would help their modeling career fall in place! So, aside from how great a book it is, I think another small reason people like it is because of that fact; none of the normal people stresses are really involved in here.

Now I was talking to a friend earlier, and she thought that I talk about a book issue. You know how Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn are mainly all about Edward and Bella adjusting to each other and to their relationship (and Midinight Sun too, just in Edward's perspective). Well, what about Renesmee (Nessie) and Jacob? My friend thought she should just continue on with their version after Breaking Dawn; but that wouldn't be much their story because it would have to be in Bella's perspective. So, I think she should do what she's doing with Midnight Sun; make another series off of the Twilight books. Except maybe make it in Renesmee's point of view. And write about her life with Jacob; but even if she decided to keep it in Bella's version it still could be another cool series. Even if Stephanie doesn't; the books she had written are and always have been perfection!
Here's to Stpehanie Meyer!

I'll probably post more later!
Peace Love Twilight

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