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Monday, January 26, 2009


Okay, so there's some buzz going around about Stephanie Meyer's supposedly new book, so I've gotten some info on that. At first it had leaked around the internet, and Stephanie Meyer got pretty angry at that little fact. Apparently the people she had trusted put it somewhere they thought was protected; but it wasn't. Then it copied all over the internet. Stephanie had more info on that at her website. The link to that is

She had posted previously the rough draft and the completed first chapter along with her strongly worded blog. Now, she's decided to continue on with writing the book, just she can see it neat and bound next to the other ones.

It will not be the 5th book to Twilight; actually, let me restate that; there will be no 5th book to Twilight. This is just and addition to the Twilight series, just to have it as primary information. I thought that her writing Edward's version was quite an excellent idea. It's going to let us into his head a bit. Obviously it's going to be longer that the original Twilight; and for many reasons. One, because Edward over thinks everything! Two, Stephanie Meyer's writing skills have improved from writing the past books.

And Stephanie looks for the inspiration and patenice for this book as you have been for the last books; so let's make her proud!

There is no new information regardless of having Edward's version in the next 3 books; that is obviously undecided on Stephanie's part. I also think it would be interesting and quite difficult to not only write Edward's part on Twilight, but on the other books as well. I mean think (*spoiler warning*) in New Moon, when Edward leaves; how is she going to write the version of what he did when he was away? When he was thinking of Bella, chasing Victoria, and thinking Bella was dead? That has to be difficult. In Eclipse it would be difficult as well. Could you imagine the restraint and anger he had to hold back regarding Jacob? Could you imagine the concern he always felt? Could you imagine how he felt to be the responsible one? Could you imagine, after reading Bella's point of view, what Edward thinks, feels, and reacts to in his own words? Could you imagine how difficult it would be for Stephanie Meyer to wirte those things (that I think, I don't know about you) that are unimaginable?

So, Bella knowing on the first day of school only that some beautiful boy is looking at her funny and seems to be disgusted by her? Meanwhile, Edward's trying not to get out of his seat and make a scene and kill her. Then be forced to kill everyone who saw. Could you imagine him trying to repress the monster with in? Then he realizes he loves her!? Could you imagine that? How desprate he is to kill her, but at the same time knowing he has to keep her alive? Could you imagine how confused and bombarded he was by some of her reactions and thoughts (that he had to read from her face, instead of from her head)? It's so, so, so, breath-takingly amazing and confusing. But then again, all the book are amazingly breath-taking and confusing. That's part of their charm. But still, this way is different.

OKAY, I'VE GOT TO STOP BEFORE IT GETS ANY LONGER! I'll be on the look out for more rising Twilight questions!

Peace Love Twilight

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