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Monday, January 26, 2009

Other questions floating around you Twilighters!
People are wondering many things.

1. Why can't Edward read Bella's thoughts?
A. People, you need to bear with me on this one, some people haven't read, seen, or heard alot. The answer: There was never a specific answer to this question. Because for some reason Bella seems to have shield blocking her mind from all vampire affects. The reason Jasper and Alice's power work on Bella is because those things are really mental, they're physical. Some also believe it's because Bella was ment to find Edward and the Cullens. And change their presprective and edit their way of living even more. Some also believe it's some love connection, but that can't be true. Because in New Moon Aro and Jane's affected Bella in no way whatsoever. And obviously Bella had no love connection with them as she does Edward; so that prooves that theory to be incorrect.

2. Why does Edward always fell guilty around Bella?
A. Obviously, he doesn't want to kill her. He feels he doesn't deserve her, he feels like she could have so much better. He feels she shouldn't be risking or wasting her life/soul on someone who doesn't have one. And yes I realize none of it make sence, but that's Edward; forever selfless.

3. How did Alice meet Jasper?
A. Read Eclipse; it explains everything.

4. Why does everyone else remember how they were turned and Alice doesn't?
A. You see that has never made sense to me; Alice having her power of seeing things, wouldn't you figure she (of all people) would be able to remember how she was turned. When I finish getting more information on that subject I'll post again.

5. Why does Rosalie hate Bella and Edward so much?
A. Read Eclipse. Long story short; she was killed by her fiance' and friends when they were drunk. She was always jealous of her friend who had the cutest little boy. But when she died then Carlisle changed her. In her past life she was always admired by men everywhere, so when Edward didn't admire her, she got kind of forever angry at him. Then when he met Bella, and Bella willing to give up her life; she remembers how she didn't have a choice; Bella does, and she thinks Bella is choosing wrong. So she's a little bitter. For more of the juicy details; read Eclipse.

6. How did Rosalie and Emmett meet?
A. Read Eclipse. Like I explained in the last question, short after the transformation and still, Rosalie doesn't enjoy her new life. Then when she saw Emmett being attacked by a bear and rescued him, she was selfish enough to ask Carlisle to change him for her (after she rescued him from the bear). Roaslie wishes she could have started out with Emmett in the begginning.

See ya later!
Peace Love Twilight

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