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Monday, January 26, 2009

The Point

Hey. Anyway, mostly I've been talking about Twilight; but you can't blame me! It's a serious addiction! Not one I'm ashamed of though. Anyway, back on point. I wanted to say something, sometimes life throw things at you. You probably hadn't been expected them either, but still; you shouldn't act suprised. You also probably don't understand it either, but if you look at if from their point of view I guess it could make sence. Now the Twilight connection; Midnight Sun and Twilight. It's good to understand Edward's actions and thoughts as it is Bella's. So, if we could picture whatever problem we're having in that prespective, it might help you a bit. If you love Twilight the way i do; if you put anything in your life through that prospective, you'll be at least somewhat happier. Now, you might realized how obssessed I am; everything in my life I usually end up putting into some kind of Twilight picture. There are so many things I love about life; but yet, I wonder how I lived my life before; without Twilight. It seems impossible, unthinkable. Well, I'll blog later.

Peace Love Twilight

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