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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cool Twilight Stuff

I just thought these would be fun facts to know, I thought ehy were pretty cool myself.
1. Did you know Kristen Stewart has green eyes in reality? She had to wear brown contacts to match Bella's charater's eyes. I personally think Kristen Stewart could look like a natural brown-eyes girl, or a natural green-eyed girl. Neither of them look WRONG.
2. The star Kellan Lutz had had curly hair before shooting Twilight, and that was perfect because, the character of Emmett is supposed to have curly hair. But, in one of his roles before Twilight, he was required to have a buzz cut. His hair couldn't grow back fast enough (even with the cheering section: GROW, GROW, GROW!).
3. I can't believe it. It is so hard for me to imagine a different Edward other than Robert Pattinson. But, apparently, Stephanie Meyer had wanted Henry Cavill to play Edward. But, unlike a vampire, he grew up and no longer looked 17. He was offered the part of Carlisle, but didn't accept because of a commitment to a role in The Tudors.
4. Robert Pattinson flew all the way from England to Hardwicke's house to audition. He and Kristen-- who was already cast as Bella-- rehearsed the meadow scene on Hardwicke's bed!
5. All of the actors who played the Cullens had to wear contacts too. It wasn't just Bella and James (and Victora, and Laurent, and etc.). All the Cullens wore topaz colored contacts to give them that golden color. (Wonder what made that black color... maybe black contacts? LOL)
6. More than 5,000 actors audtioned for the role of Edward, and it was Kristen who personally picked Robert Pattinson saying, "This is the guy, this is Edward."
7. I wondered why they did this. I mean not like it came out wrong or anything, I just wonder why. In the movie, Eric, is a mixture of Ben and Eric from the book. And also Jessica, in the movie, is a mixture of Lauren and Jessica from the book.
8. Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone were taught how to bat left-handed for the baseball scene. That's pretty cool.
9. OME! You know where Bella and Charlie are in the diner and Charlie asks about boys in town, well, you can see Stephanie Meyer ordering a veggie sandwich in the background. (That noise in the background at the end...)
10. Katie Powers (Kristen's stunt double) is the waitress in the dinner scene with Edward.
11. Remember that Ballet Studio Scene? On any televsions that were playing in the movie, almost all of them were showing that scene. (When Bella's talking to her mother in the hospital you'll see the previous scene)
12. Someone proposed to his girlfriend around where they were shooting a scene saying that their love may as unconditional as Edward and Bella's.
13. It took 36 freakin' hours to change Nikki Reed's hair to blonder from brunette for the role of Rosalie.
14. Rob didn't know about the two songs in the movie at first. It was Nikki who took recorded disks of his singing (he didn't know he had been recorded) to people who liked it and then asked him to record the two songs "Never Think" and "Let Me Sign" for the film.
15. HELLO! On the DVD of Twilight, there will be an unexpected scene (in the movie or in the dleted scene bank, we don't know) Hardwicke filmed with Rob. This scene is not from Twilight, but from Edward's version of Twilight, Midnight Sun. I don't know what the scene is, but I can't wait to see it. I personally think it might either be a car scene, or where he's skipping, or in Alaska,or when he's getting picked on by his siblings, or when he's watching Bella sleep one night, or when he writes Bella's song for her (I don't know!).

So much excitement!
Well, ttyl.

Peace Love Twilight

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