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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Okay, new, new, new!

Apparently, even Kristen Stewart doesn't know who might possibly be directing New Moon. She had been interviewed on situations of Chris Weitz vs. Katherine Hardwicke and Drew Barrymore vs. Juan Antonia Bayona. Well, we already know that Katherine Hardwicke directing Twilight and that Chris Weitz is directing New Moon. But, we have heard no OFFICIAL news of the director for the third movie. We had heard rumors of the possiblilty of the Weitz brothers, we have heard it could very likely be Drew Barrymore, but we haven't heard anything about Hardwicke coming back to direct a second Twilight film. So, we'll see.

Also, Kristen Stewart is physched because New Moon looks like it's going to be so much better than New Moon in many ways. Kristen Stewart said after saying everything is better, "The look of the vampires have gotten so much better-- now they just look clean and crisp. They're beautiful really."
Then she also added information about all the prepping being done so there's no need for the last minute crap.
And Kellan had his opinion on the whole, "the movie not might be as good as it was when a woman was directing it," argument in an interview. Kristen had thought that in her mind, it just, might make a little difference, but not a huge impact. And I guess that would make sense, since Edward's not going to be in the movie that much anyway. But, Kristen felt really comfotable talking to Weitz about anything so, I'll side with Kristen-- and hope to the gods of Twilight she's right.

I also agree with Kristen on this point as well. The fact that I know Drew Barrymore better as a really phonomonel actress, but I don't really know her as a director. So, I can't quite judge. But, based on what I've seen of her, she would be awesome in directing the Eclipse movie. And Kristen made a good point, umm, that based on all of her hollywood experience and stuff, she would probably be good at it anyway.

Robert dissed himself and his character behind the scenes of making Twilight. LOL.

Hardwicke loves her personal touches in the screen. 1. The owl wings behind Edward in biology making him look like an angel.
2. A wolf painting in Bella's house that will play a part in the upcoming movie New Moon. (So Hardwicke will leave a part of her behind for the coming of New Moon.)

I feel like an idiot for not knowing this until now. KELLAN LUTZ WAS A MODEL! I can't stop smiling and laughing at that... and my own stupidity.

OUTRAGE! Not only did Vanessa Hudgens audition for a role, but they're considering Lucas Grabell for a part now too. Uh!

Eww. Okay, I'm sorry Taylor, but you went a LITTLE over the top on this one, man. Okay, so they're sticking to the New Moon version meaning no kiss will be shared between Jacob and Bella. But this is where he gets preverted: he said that he's hoping for some "action" between him and Kristen in the third! Eww! (*SPOILER*) Do you know she ends up getting married? And having a unique child that you end up imprinting upon? EWW!

Ha! Okay, Rob just brightned my mood from that last paragraph on Taylor. Rob didn't even know there were gonna be more movies at first! Then later he confirmed Breaking Dawn will be a movie. Well, he said that he's gonna be "all Twilighted out."
Well, work til' 2010 into his mid-twenties, you had better bet he will be!

Apparently, in New Moon will we get to see Aro, Marcus, Caius, Jane, Alec, and the whole gang. But, we might also be seeing a little of the Denali bunch. But that has yet to be confirmed.

Reed announced some info on New Moon, even though this info isn't very serious. It did, in fact, take her 36 hours to die her hair. Supposedly, if the really dedicated fans--like me--, watch hard enough, they'll be able to notice the difference when the character wear wigs.
Reed also added that it's not that she not devoted to the character Rosalie, just quite the opposite. She was completly all for going blonde in order for the Rosalie experience. But now, her and Stewart in K-11 have to shoot in between. So not like it will be any less awesome, she just wanted to make that point.

Hey, the umm, Director's Notebook, on how the movie was made, is out now too. So, I'm going to check it out and get back to you on that eventually.

Check out this website for awesome pics of Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson while filming New Moon.

Here's a website for pictures too.

The characters of Esme, Jasper, Alice, and Emmett have now joined the characters of Victoria, Jacob, Edward, Bella, and Rosalie in Vancouver. But, I have a question, where's Carlisle, Charlie, and Laurent? I mean, I understand them not bringing in the Volutri and other people yet, but I think that they should at least be there. Carlisle expecially.

Ahh, so Reed confirmed that Fanning is Jane.
She has also confirmed even more important news; that not only will New Moon and Eclipse be shot back to back, but Breaking Dawn will be shot back to back with them as well.

Burke was so excited for reunited with Stewart. He said that they get along so well, something about her just makes him want to get up and go to work . So, umm, "Charlie" will reunite with the cast next month. So that;s when he'll get here.

Edi describes the New Moon movie "a lot more active" compared to the book and what he had "envisioned."

I'm loving the fact that all the male vampires and werwolves have to hit the gym like everyday. That's where you'll get all your male bonding time!

"James," "Lauren," and "Victoria," said they all didn't mind getting picker off one by one in books and movies. 'It's kind of anticipated, but like, not.'

In this picture of Nikki Reed you can tell it's wig when you compare it to her died blonde hair in the last movie. Really, you can TOTALLY tell.

Oh I found Carlisle! So he's there, people just didn't see him.
Speaking of "Carlisle" he was excited to film a scene with Kristen where he has to stitch up her arm.
Fun, fun, fun.

Oh-- crapface! What is happening to the Twilight world? I'm litterally bawling my eyes out on this side of the computer! Freaking idiots!
Okay, I am really flipping mad at Lutz, Reed, Facinelli, Pattinson, and Stewart. They're all freaking smoking!
I'll bet'cha' I know what happened.
Robert Pattinson had smoked before Twilight, right? Well, Kristen picked it up from him okay, then Reed picked it up from Stewart, okay, then if Lutz hadn't already picked up on it he got it from Reed, and Fancinelli could have picked it up from anyone! I completly blame Rob!
Go Lautner, Greene, and Rathbone! Just say no! You guys are my favs now.
Yep, you heard it. This Robert-and-Kristne-fanatic has moved on! She's moved past Rob, and is now bound to Lautner. He's my new Rob. Way to go Taylor!
I'll always love the character of Edward-- because he doesn't smoke!

Pattinson is mad. He's mad cause before his on-screen role of Edward gets intimate with Stewart's character Bella, he has to go and get intimate with a GUY on this new film he's working on. Eww! And it's good because that's what he said, too. He said, "we're both strait guys so, it was awkward for both of us," talking about his co-star.

I totally agree with "Victoria" on this one. She loves to see Kristen and Robert bicker in real-life just as they do in the book, so it's not completly all lovey-dovey romance.

Kristen doesn't get to cliff-dive as Bella in New Moon. Yeah, when Bella jumps off a cliff, Kristen doesn't do that part. She walks to the edge, gets on her tippytoes, makes a little crouch... and then hands it off to a computerized Bella. Bummer.

Hahahahahaha! OME! A director might film New Moon with a camera in his eye! Hahahahaha!

If I were Kristen Stewart I would be excited about shooting solitary scenes in New Moon too. So, it's not just the fans, Kristen's point of New Moon the book was really just, "Edward's gone." So, she has to deal with alot of stuff alone for a while. Then she buddy-buddys with Jacob, so.

Okay, no I know this is, like, retarted and stupid, but one of the things I'm most excited to see, is where they skip like 5 months. Are they going to use the cheesey words over the video saying like "September, October, November, December?" with the videos in the background going blurry? I want to see how they do that.
And they have to do that because it's mandotory to express how much it hurts, and how much Edward matters and is to Bella, so it's going to be in the movie (expressed one way or the other).

I'll bring more later!!

Peace Love Twilight

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