New Moon Countdown

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Little Twilight Updates...

Okay, my pics aren’t working but, apparently there’s an unofficial New Moon poster out. It’s black with burning letters. Kind of cool—simple, but cool.

Kellan and Rob, best friends? Yeah, according to videos they’re like brothers now. Kellan even joked like a bro over some of Rob’s teen pictures in old mags! Total brother love!

Stephanie Meyer in magazine for 1 Of 100 most influential people of 2009.

Robert Pattinson is also going to play a gay actor in a film called “Little Ashes.” He said that it was strange with the other male character because they’re both strait guys.

Rob also up for another romance in Summit. He’s plying another role in an upcoming movie, “Memoirs.”

Alright, well, it seems that Twilight movies are getting Rob to shower and stop drinking and smoking heavily. People say they wish he worked all the time, because he doesn’t stink or go crazy.

Robert got hit in the head with a medal sign while filming New Moon in Vancouver. The wind was terrible and a sign just flew and hit Rob in the head.

We have wolves confirmed! Jacob’s pack has been officially decided. It includes, Chaske Spencer, Bronson Pelletier, Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon, and Tyson Houseman.

If you watch the “Script To Screen” special on the Twilight DVD, you’ll find a special message at the end that reads, “If you actually watched all the credits you should be treated for OCD……Obsessive Cullen Disorder.”

Ha! Fashion news for Twilighters. The jacket Bella’s wearing in the forest/meadow scene, wasn’t supposed to appear. This is because the jacket isn’t available until July, LOL.

Over 3 million Twilight copy on first day.

Bella jumping off a cliff already filmed.

Awesome Twilight Examiner poster! Here’s the link

Eww, Katy Perry think Kristen Stewart would be the ideal teen kiss. Eww.

Here’s another awesome fan-made poster. I specifically like this one too.

They had to build Bella a house in Vancouver to look like the one they used last time. WHY DID THEY MOVE AT ALL? They just had to make it more complicated than necessary… (if they screw it up, I swear to the love of all that’s Twilight…)


Kellan Lutz dreams of being a James Bond. With those muscles man, he could do it too!

HA! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Can’t stop laughing! Okay, I can’t even tell you! You have to look! HAHAHAHAHA!

Twilight was on Kath and Kim… nice.

Some believe Rachelle died her hair…hmm…

Starbuck’s making money off of all Twilight Stars coffee needs!

Kellan Lutz kissing Ashley Greene? Maybe. Or Nikki Reed? Also a maybe.


Renesmee is listed as an official baby name…LOL.

My friends have their own opinions on Rob. Some believe he might be gay. I’ve completely ignored their opinions until I found out that the main character of Slum Dog Millionaire is believed to be gay. And didn’t Robert supposedly spend a lot of time with him? Hmm…

Kristen and Taylor not the only ones on motorcycles. Peter caught cruising too.

Hmm, Peter wishes to be like Robert and get recognized my Twi-fans. I can speak for Rob, “Be careful what you wish for.”

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