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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Stuff (some twilight unimportant frequent findings)

Yeah, so, I thought it was funny. When I was at my friend's house we had taken these quizzes. One of us was "team swisterzland," one of us was a werewolf, and one of us was a vampire. I was a vampire, I kinda wanted to be a werewolf, though, but whatever. I can't decide betweem the two, they would both be awesome to do.
So, the friend that was a werewolf took another quiz and was "Jasper."
The friend that was "Team Switzerland" ended up being "Bella," in that quiz.
And, as you can tell by my sidebar, I was "Edward."

Alright, Breaking Dawn is winning in the vote, by like 3 votes, it's in front of Twilight and Eclipse which each have one vote. You only have ten days left to vote or something, so vote, and tell friends to vote. Even if they don't read my blog just tell them to check it out and vote.

So, watch for some of my crazy young-friends on YouTube. My friends created are working on creating an account called "bored0girls" on YouTube. Check out there videos! They are flipping funny! And to think, all of those were done in anticipation for Twilight! These things were done while they were waiting until they could leave at midnight to go get the disk. L.O.L. I think they are absolutly hilarious!
So, I don't know how long it takes to set up a YouTube account, but just watch for em', kay'?

Peace Love Twilight

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