New Moon Countdown

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Twilight Information

Hey, umm, I have new stuff for you.

1. The movie 'New Moon' is supposedly going to ignite the teams between 'Jacob' and 'Edward' just as it does in the film/book.
2. Robert Pattinson claims that putting on an American accent was easy for him because all of his favorite movies as a boy included American actors and actresses
3. Obama has read Twilight, and his girls are reading it too. What do you know-- Twilight is in the White House.
4. You all know Adam Lambert from American Idol who was compared to Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen. Adam is apparently following the Twilight books and wishes to be in the movie.
5. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Okay, okay, okay. So, all of us know as fans that only that they were doing 'New Moon' and 'Eclipse' as movie, but, ROBERT PATTINSON SLIPPED UP ON THE RED CARPET!!! They are planning to do the beloved fourth book 'Breaking Dawn' as well. Stephanie Meyer and other's involved in the movies wanted to gets fans all let down and then hype them up with the news after Eclipse, so, now you know! But, do them all a favor, and act surprised anyway.
6. Chris Weitz won't be coming back to film the third movie, which is possibly why they were considering Drew Barrymore for directing. It will be quite interesting to have a different director for each film. Maybe we'll finally understand what people mean by different directing techniques!
7. Now there's also something else going around that Paul Weitz will be taking his brother's place in directing the third film. I personally think Drew Barrymore should do it. Well, I guess, only time will tell!
8. Now, we don't know who this actor is playing, but we do know he will play a role in an upcoming 'Twilight' movie. He will playing a role in 'New Moon'. Bronson Pelletier.
9. The JoBro's and Demi Lovato were all intrigued with the idea of getting one of their songs on the 'New Moon' album.
10. I'm am once again appalled and surprised. Stephan King is not interested in the 'Twilight' books and is a Twilight-hater; so obviously he's not a Twiguy-- that's too bad, cause if he was, he would appeal to even more female audiences.
11. Madonna might play a song for the 'New Moon' album. Maybe.
12. So, Chris Weitz obviously won't be directing 'Eclipse,' but, they are kind of overlapping the filming of 'New Moon' and 'Eclipse.' I don't know how, but, they are. So, with that, Eclipse will not be released November 2010, but instead, June 30, 2010.
13. People are trying to get the movies out before the current Twilight generation, and Twilight passe' passes on leaving them with fans who don't really care. I mean, hey, they want get the movies out in shorter time, that's fine with me. :)
14. So, 'Eclipse' will have been started filming before 'New Moon' is even out! Robert can't be going to the beach anymore gettin' his tan-- he has got to make sure he stays pasty-white and runs well enough on coffee!


Peace Love Twilight

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