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Friday, March 20, 2009

Just Random Thank-Yous...

I just thought I should thank these people. Just because they deserved to be thanked.

I thank you, my friend Morgan, for being the craziest and best friend I've ever had. Even when I'm mad at you, don't think anything of it, you're still as best as a friend.

I thank you, my friend Alla, who had stuck with me through all these year. And I thank you for excusing my rude behavior for almost forgetting you.

I thank you, Shultz, for being a good role model in anyone's life.

I thank you, Gina, for altering my life, well, almost completly.

I thank you, Eric, for keeping my life just like a good soap-opera.

I thank you, Katrina, for being a friend I never had but had always enjoyed writing about.

I thank you, Stephanie Meyer, for writing the best books ever and helping my writing skills advance ever-so-much further.

I thank you, anyone who has taken the time to listen to me.

I thank you, the people who have notcied my specific perserverane and inspirational skills. And my dictionary.

I thank you, Alex D., for accepting the fact that I could have been the reason for breaking your brother's arm.

I thank you, Taylor Lautner, for being a continuous inspiration to me.

I thank you, Kristen Stewart, for allowing me to set my goals to your standards.

I thank you, Switchfoot and Howie Day and Gavin Degraw and Yiramu and Jouney, for having the best music ever.

I thank you, Syd, for putting up with me and all my lectures.

I thank you, C-Henry, for being the best older person I have ever met.

I thank you, Mark Twain and Edgar Allan Poe and E.B. White and Jane Austen and Shakespeare and Stephanie Meyer and "Funke", for the best books ever written. Without you reading would still be and unfimilar and mysterious place that I haven't yet discovered.

I thank you, the book "Bud, Not Budddy," for opening a different kind of reading up for me.

I thank you, anything and anyone who side-tracked me from wanting to be a lawyer so I could discover what I really wanted to be.

I thank you, anyone who puts up with my crap.

I thank you, Lesley, for annoying the crap out of me the same way I annoy the crap out of you. And I'm so glad we're on the same page with the whole, "I never forgive anyone" thing. Thank you! You might even be a better friend to me that Morgan, well, sometimes, or most of the time, or whatever.

Thank you!!

Peace Love Twilight

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