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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Book Review: Marked:: Chapters 16-END

Sorry it's a day late!!
Marked in the last few chapters was AH-MAZING! So, here's the deal:

Zoey worked and worked, and tried and tried, with the constant assistance of her friends. Learning everything was hard enough. But as the goddess inside her directs her to things, she makes right decisions. Zoey is a leader stuck in a teenager's body.

However, I do have something to say about her "boys"! First off, Heath. If it wasn't for the fact he's a druggy, and heavy and drinker, I would like him. The bloodlusty sexual scene between him and Zoey was mouth-watering. Literally. (Oh, and that Kayla bee-itch, can go screw herself) But, I do pick Erik over Heath. He is the friend and the boyfriend...and the vampire. It's generally easier and makes more sense for Zoey to be with Erik. He just screwed with Aphrodite and got stuck there. Poets are just hot, okay? (But then again, so is the jock football thing) Right now, I'm siding with Erik Night.

Oh, and I SOOO want a gay friend now. Damien is just awesome. Seriously, the boy would be my best friend. So sweet, smart, and funny...without attraction/relationship complications.

Stevie Rae is awesome, too. I just love her.

The Twins are, um, unique in their own cool way.

Alright, now to the good stuff, Aphrodite, evil bee-itch, has been defeated. I respect her for her visions, but that's about it. Um, she's an evil ho. A had from hell. Oh, and Neferete, was so rock-on-woman-powering it. LOVED IT! The ending seemed rushed and was very suspensful. But that did allow me to get more into how Zoey is seeing all this. Oh, and not like I was expecting a happy ending, or anything (with, what, like six books to go?), but Aphrodite had to come and ruin the mometn. Sigh. Go Zoe-bo!

[Next week, I will be reviewing the first few chapter of Book 2, Betrayed.]

Overall, I give Marked an 8/10 rating.

Peace Love Twilight

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