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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween Vampires: Do's and Dont's

Vampire Look - What to do and what not to doThe cool thing about the vampire look in Twilight is that it's beautiful and sexy. That's the whole point. So we're really going to try to focus on this. I've seen pictures of a lot of girls dressing up as vampires for release parties and they can only manage the "dead/pale" look, but sometimes it's very un-Twilight. A bit cartoonish. We are going to try and stay away from that in this guide. More important than looking "dead" and "pale" is looking "inhumanly beautiful", in my opinion. And that's what we're going to do :).

So what is, yours truly, Princess Twilight, wearing? Well, this awesome chick, is getting a plain black dress with a low and rounded neckline. It goes about an inch below your collar bone, and spreads to the middle of your shoulders. The sleeves are the long, and the back in plunging. It's also very sweeping. The material is cotton, black cotton. Then, I'm also going to get black contacts, and dress it up with black eyeliner and mascara. Of course simple lip gloss and white cover-up to match. And I'm going to curl my hair. That way I pull off my "sexy vampire" look. And if I feel like adding a cheesy pair of fangs, I will. :-) And, sense I do live in Ohio, sometimes the falls get a little cold, so just in case, I'm also buying a Fork werewolf jacket from Hot Topic. I know I went from vamp to wolf, but whatevs. :D

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