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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Halloween Time. How Many Robby P's Are You Seeing On Pumpkins?

That title could've easily made my 'longest-title-ever' position. Anyway, it's Halloween time! And people are carving everything on pumpkins these days. So, was it really a suprise when we say pumpkins like this?MTV, however, was making fun out of it. Why not start a competition for putting Twilight on pumpkins? That's the million dollar question, right there.

Halloween seems like an apt time to celebrate our love for all things Robert Pattinson, doesn't it? (You know, besides the other 364 days a year we do it!) After all, the Brit actor plays one of our favorite bloodsucking vamps Edward Cullen in "Twilight," not to mention his contribution to that other fantastical franchise "Harry Potter." To top it off, October 31 is almost three weeks to the day before the November 20 premiere of "New Moon." So in honor of one of our favorite actors Hollywood Crush is launching the Rob O'Lantern Contest.
Here's the deal: We want you to bare your creative fangs and carve Rob's likeness into one of those round, orange gourds. It can be Rob as Edward Cullen, Rob as Cedric Diggory, or Rob simply as his lovely self (perhaps executing his signature hair tousle or on the cover of yet another tabloid magazine). Take a pic of your perfect pumpkin and upload it to with the label "Rob
O'Lantern Contest." The DEADLINE for the photo is October 23. The following
week, we'll reveal the top 3, with the grand-prize winner announced October 30.
So what does the top Rob O'Lantern carver get, you may be asking? Why, their
very own Hollywood Crush post to gush about their love for the talented hunk!
That's right! You'll get to write your very own blog post about why RPattz
dazzles your world (your name will be known amongst the Twi-Hards all over the
world!). So get carving, Crushers. We can hardly wait to see what you come up
with. Good luck!
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To get stencils for the pumpkins shown, click here.
Source: ROBsessed
Peace Love Twilight

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