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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Book Review: Marked::Chapters 9-15

*Sorry this review is late, I didn't have time to type it up yesterday. And as is natural, this review will have several spoilers, so if you have not read the book, do not continue reading on*Chapter 9 was very entertaining, I guess because we mainly just started to know more, and get to appreciate what is going on with facility. And getting to meet new friends, and even the confrontation with was all needed. However, I am disturbed on some note that Neferet isn't spending alot of time with Zoey. I thought she was going to be a big part of the story...

In Chapter 10, you basically catch up on your gossip and get to know Stevie Ray a little better. I don't want to refer to it as a filler chapter, because it is more than that, know. The short chapter got a lot in for being, well, short.

Chapter 11 is simply the introduction to Zoey's first real day at The House Of Night. You could feel a routine being started, and I actually am quite jealous. I wish I could be at a school liek that. :-( Even being a vamp like that would FRIGGIN AWESOME! But, that's just my opinion...Seriosuly, though, I wish I could've gone to a school like this. I have to say, being a vampire in the House of Night world, seems to be much more simple than in the Twilight world. [The change, the whole newborn vamp thing, having someone to teach you, being marked not bitten, etc]

Hot. Chapter 12. That the only way to describe it...: hot. I want that Erik kid... Sigh. But, Heath seemed hot and awesome, and the jock football player--which totally just gets to me--in the beginning, and I wanted that too. How is it fair that she can have to awesome guys!? And they're practically throwing themselves at her? Sigh. Oh, and this Elizabeth No Last Name? That made me laugh-out-loud. Wonder if she's just a filler or what...And FYI, poetry turns me on, too. Why can they're just be the literal perfect guy--poetry, football, jock, kind, risky, sensitive? Sigh. Daydream.
That Elliot kids a freak. The teachers seem pretty dang awesome right about now. Oh, and Zoey cussing in her mind is just so teenage like and I love it! But anyway, they've got to do something with Elliot! I had a kid like him in my high school, and he had so much potential that was wasted...maybe this character won't be wasted too...

Fencing and horses? I want classes like that! And I love how Zoey keeps suprising people with all her talents...I'm really getting into the story. Damien is an awesome kid, and I'll say this over and over again until you guys--and Eric (don't ask)--get it...: gay best friends are awesome. With the occasional awkward. But mostly awesome. Seriously, is anybody game to go to this school with me? Anybody? Anybody?

Chapter fifteen was breath-taking, and I could've lived in the moment forever. The description and Zoey's feelings are so amazing and breahttaking, and true. I would be feeling the exact same way! This book is amazing, and I am officially hooked. However, I am trying to spread it out so I don't find myself in the same position Team Switzerland is in. Hooked and Desperate for the next book, and possibly the end of the saga. I want to spread it out. [Oh, and I'm still desperate for Neferet to become a bigger character] AND POOR ELIZABETH NO LAST NAME GIRL! I guess she isn't going to be a key character...:-(

Alright, join me next Saturday for my next review!
Peace Love Twilight

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