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Sunday, October 11, 2009

RobstenLovers Share Their Opinions On Vamp Diaries

This is a controversy that is just irresistable and mouth-watering to me! Vampire Diaries vs. Twilight. So, when I read this article at RobstenLovers, I absolutly had to share it with you!what's so special about this Bella girl.....Edwards so whipped.... Ann Rice was so on it....then when Caroline asked why he didn't sparkle in the sun, he says it's because he lives in the real world where Vampires burn in the sun...then he says that Twilight has it all wrong.(**Clears throat**) Um, Damon hun? You just opened a huge a** can of worms! You must have missed the memo stating that insulting Edward Cullen can be hazardous to your health! I mean really, it's kind of shocking that you don't seem to see your own "whipped" self! You could be considered a glue stick the way you're stuck on Elena! Let me explain a little relash 101 for you. Being into someone doesn't mean you're whipped! It just means that the person becomes as equally important to you as you are to them. You know, the whole give and take theory. I know you got it wrong the first time around with Katherine, but you might want to rethink how that turned out! Enough said, next on the list, you really can't compare Anne Rice and Stephanie Meyer. Two completely different styles. Both good, but completely diff! As for you inability to sparkle in the sun, well, maybe if you weren't so busy being naughty you would have time to sparkle! Seriously hun, you really have potential! Unfortunately you just don't dazzle us like Edward does! You really should take a few notes from Edward though because I could go on forever on how Twilight definitely did get it right!!!!

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Peace Love Twilight

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