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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Twilighter's Blog Updates+Robert Pattinson's Music

Alright, so clearly I have not been posting in a while. I apoligize. In the beginning of the week, my sister was rushed to the hospital. I stayed by her side, and never left. Therefore I didn't have access to a computer. And there was no phone reception, so I couldn't mobily post from my phone to tell you what was wrong. I apoligize, and I feel terrible. The site has been going downhill, because there is no one to keep it running for me, when things like this happen. And Friday, I drove up to Wisconsin, and yesterday I attended my father's funeral. I'm still in Wisconsin, and am posting from my oh-so-lovely sister's computer. Her baby is absolutly adorable. But anyway, I'm back--for now. So, here's what you really came here to hear:

Rob said he was thinking of writing some songs for Eclipse, remember? Well, maybe, our Robby P, will be producing an album of his own...? A crazy obsessed Twilighter can only hope. Listen to some of his absolutly lovely pieces.

Go to MyRobertPattinson for Rob's music.

Source: ROBsessed

Peace Love Twilight

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