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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Twilight Products

I actually have a story to go along with this post. When I was in Wisconsin, well actually on my way back, I stopped at this little candle shop right at the border of Indiana and Ohio. I was just on my way out when I spotted a Twilight book. Like the smart one I am, I ran over to where the book was--yes, ran, away from the lady at the cash register checking out my things. Under it on a table, were candles. Twilight-themed candles. I first smelled the purple one, named, 'Bella.' No offense, but Bella smelled bad. Like, a cross between bad and cheap perfume and fruity smells. Not good. Next, I tried 'Edward'. He smelled like lillac and light fruit. A relief against Bella's. 'Jacob', was, well, better than Bella's. Not quite as good as Edward's. 'Jacob' smelled very woodsy, but with a kind of, cinnamon tint(?). I ended up buying 'Jacob' and 'Edward.' Sorry, Bella. So, then I walked back to the counter, and the lady picked up the candles giving me, 'the look.' Then when I was just leaving, she said, "So, you're a twilight addict?" I said, "Yep. How about you?" She whispered, "I'm crazy obsessed. Checking blogs everyday." I said, "Oh, really? Well, I write one." She laughed and then said, "Really? Which one?" "Umm, it's called Twilighter's Blog." "Is it like orange colored?" "Yeah..." I said. She said, "I think I've seen that before!" I said, "Really? I'll have to share my crazy story then." She was a nice lady. We talked about the Twilight-themed-candle scents before I left, too.

Anyway, here's the Bath and Body Products that are in stores now.

Peace Love Twilight

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