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Sunday, May 31, 2009

MTV Awards Round 5

Commercials: He Twittered about it, lol. Coke commercials are so stupid that they're funny. That Jack Black movie looks stupid, but funny cool stupid. Orbit droppin thirty-five commerical is funny. Sims are funny, but weird. Legally Blonde, funny. Broadway. Nice.

Carl Burrman, hahahahahahahahahhaahahahaahahahahahahahaahaahahaahaahhaahha! Hilarious! Hahhaha! Hahaha! Hilarious. Can't stop laughing! Hahaha! God!

Aw I love those two. They're in some of my favorite movies. "What does that mean?" Haha!

AH! Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson! Nice song too! Lol. Best kiss...
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart won! AH! 3 of 6! AHAHAHAHA! AH! THEY WON! AAH! "I need to remove my gum," lol. Hahaha! That was hilarious! Love them! They're so hot. KStew was funny. HAHAHA! LOL! Ha!

"I gizzed right in my pants everybody time you're next to me. I'm premature."
I'm having an anarism! Hahaha! These people are so funny!

"It's my dick in a box, baby." Hahahaha! Tell them to stop! "It's a dick in a box." Soory couldn't stop laughing for a minute! Kuss! Hahahaahahaha!

WTF what the fu() award. Hayden hilarious! She's hilarious! OME! OME! HILARIOUS! AHAHAHAHAHA! CUSSIN AND NO CUSSIN! HAHAHHAHHAHHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH! Could be a freakin comedian!
"Holy flannel shirt!" HAHAHA!
Beep beep beep beep beep beep! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Decode Paramore, they're up for best song in a movie! LOL! hahahaha! "Obama!" nice. The nominees: love um all! go twi! The winner is...
Miley Cyrus Go figure. Only 3 of 6 still. Miley was cute up there though. She was awesome, yo. That was cute. :D Too bad.

Exclusive clip
Fake whatever yo! So messed up! Retardly funny! You made that?! Nuh-uh! Why not isn't it hunky vampires? Who said?
AW! You're sure it's real
AH! Holy freak it!

Peace Love Twilight

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