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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cover Meanings

I realized none of my friends knew this until I speeled it out for them, so I'm now going to spell it out for you; what the covers mean.

Twilight- in the beginning the introduction is with the Adam and Eve forbidden fruit from the bible. Well, it's like if thou eat of it thou shall be eternally damned or something. So, I went to my Narnia Magician's Nephew book, and proved myself that they do use it there. Well, Bella is the forbidden fruit to Edward. And he takes the apple anyway . So Edward thinks he and Bella are internally damned...but Bella thinks she is lucky to be that special apple chosen.

New Moon- in the first few chapters when Bella gets knocked into a table, she's bleeding. Well Alice had decorated with roses. White rose, bleeding with Bella's blood when the table gets knocked and it's flying through the air...get it?

Eclipse- I'm not quite sure of this one, but I think the ribbon represents Bella's hold on everything. It all tears apart in Eclipse. Specifically pointing out Edward and Jacob. Remember the magnets? Remember Bella thinking it was Edward and Jacob she was trying to force together but then found out it was the two sides of herself-Edward's Bella and Jacob's Bella. So, the ribbon breaking, is breaking her hold and going with both.

Breaking Dawn- I'm honestly not sure on this one. I think, because Bella was a human, but then becomes a vampire she represents a king. The highest. And she's good. White. So, now that she is strong enough to protect herself, the evil-red-Volturi, lower down-smaller-normal mover can't affect her.

Make sense now?
Peace Love Twilight

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