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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Article. Yeah I Wrote It. Thought You Might Wanna Hear It.

Yeah, it's like a research paper. We could research anything, and I chose Twilight. Of course. Well, the making of Twilight, you know revolving around SM. Thought you might like it:

There was a series of vampire romance books that made a mother of three a millionaire. It was a simple dream that had created the idea for such books. This author was a rising woman named Stephenie Meyer.

Stephenie Meyer was born on December 24th, 1973 in Hartford, Connecticut. When Meyer was young, she, her parents, and five siblings moved from there to Pheonix, Arizona. Pheonix, Arizona plays a small part in what she will be writing more than a decade later. Stephenie Meyer had gone to Chaparral High School in Scottsdale. Then, later, she received a B.A. in English literature at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

Eight years later, Meyer had a dream that changed her life and the way she would live forever...once again, she just wasn't quite aware yet. In the dream, she had dreamt of an immortal god-lloking vampire who was in love with a normal girl. Even though the vampire was in love with her, he still had to fight his never-ending thirst. Stephenie quickly jotted down her dream while her family was still sleeping. What she also didn't quite know yet, is that she would want to get her book published...and eventually that dream, would end up being chapter thirteen in her best-selling book.

Eventually, Stephenie came to the conclusion that it wasn't fair to keep these characters thats she loved so much to herself. She thought it only fair to share with others, and these others would hopefully fall in love with the characters too. And no doubt that they did in the end.

So, while juggling her laptop and young kids--all under the age of five--she was able to put together a novel in three months. Now, however, Stephenie was not familiar with the publishing industry. Meyer had absolutely no clue that she probably needed an agent, and needed to contact publishers, and get accounts for publisher searching, and even planning to do all these other things after the book is published...that is if anyone were to read it. She almost quit right then and there...but because if the support of her older sister Emily--who also is honored with a name in the book--she was able to pocker herself up and throw her book out there.

Stephenie say now that the main character, Bella Swan, is mainly the daughter she never had. Now, even this is true, Meyer also says that she is nothing like the character she wrote. She said that she was never that mature, and always fufilled her role as the youngest child. Stephenie believes that since growing up with many siblings, that it would be interesting to write about something that was completly on familiar to her.

After getting an agent, she signed a three-book deal with, 'Little Brown and Company,' for $750,000. She had only been hoping for $10,000 to pay off her mini van, but three-quarters of a million dollars she said was good too. She had planned on making this book a single novel, but then she signed the deal and was very excited to enter the lives of the characters again.

Then came naming the book, originally she had wanted to name the book, 'Forks,' based on the location of the story (Forks, Washington)...but, no one else liked that name. So she and her agent fooled around with some names and eventually came up with the name, 'Twilight,' which has to do with a line one of the characters say. The vampire-character says in the book, "Twilight again. No matter how perfect the day is it always has to come to an end." That's how she had come up with the name for the first book.

The picture on the first book was girls hands holding a read apple. They chose this because it talks about the forbidden fruit and what happens when you eat it. So it makes since for the vampire character to have taken the apple, Bella, and bitten out of it, fell in love with her, therefore cursing him and her.

'Twilight,' was published in 2005 and the outstanding awards and sales began.

Stephenie won the following awards:

Publishers Weekly Best Book Of The Year,

New York Times Editors Choice, Best Book Of The Decade So Far,

The American Library Association Top Ten Books For Young Adults,

Teen People Hot List Pick.

The book was also translated into 20 different languages and she became a known author in 31 different countries.

Stephenie then wrote the follow-up novels: 'New Moon,' 'Eclipse,' and, 'Breaking Dawn'

The name for 'New Moon' was chosen because one of the charaters was supposedly the moon before, but then that character left. So, a new character came into play and was the New Moon. They chose, 'New Moon,' because that's how the character Bella describes the feeling in the book. The cover of 'New Moon' is a white rose with red blood. This is chosen because in the beginning of the book, Bella's at a party and get's flung into a table with white roses when she is bleeding, so that why the white rose with blood.

The name for 'Eclipse' was chosen because the character that orignally left was back. Now, Bella is thinking on the new character as the sun, because he cannot be the moon. And the moon is more important to her. So that represents how he will always be next best. The newer character actually said, "I may bring light and heat, but I can't fight an eclipse." They chose the broken red string on the front of the book because of the feeling of Bella. She feels she trying to be the old character's and the new character's Bella, but soon finds she can't be both and she breaks that string.

The name for 'Breaking Dawn' was chosen because vampire can't be seen in sunlight. So, tbey had to 'break dawn' by beating it. Getting out of it's way before the sun comes up. Mainly, how that relates to the book is because they all have these difficulties to get figured out, abd they have to get them all before the 'dawn rises,' and they're dead. The white king on the chess board being stalked by a red chess, represents that before you were helpless, but now that you're a king you can defend yourself.

These four books claimed the top four slots in the year-end besteller list. This honor is a first for any author.

Stephenie Meyer later released that even thought she closed the, 'Twilight' series, she wasn't quite done with the, 'Twilight' world. She would be writing, 'Midnight Sun,' which is the story of, 'Twilight' told from another characer's point of view. Her draft was released illeagally on the Internet, and she wanted to give up. But bcause of the help of her sister Emily, she was able to continue writing. She is still writing the book as we speak.

Stephenie Meyer said that four classic books gave each of hers their own unique inspiration:

'Pride and Prejudice' inspired 'Twilight,'

'Romeo and Juliet' inspired 'New Moon,'

'Wuthering Heights' inspired 'Eclipse,'

'A Midsummer Night's Dream' inspired 'Breaking Dawn.'

Summit Entertainment produced a film version of 'Twilight' in November 2008. Stephenie Meyer was offered a role in 'Twilight,' but not wanting to mess any of it up, she took a non-talking role as a cusotmer in a diner. The thing is, about every studio in Hollywood had turned it down...but the film ended up making 350-million-dollars worldwide.

Now, let's talk about all the money Mrs. Meyer has gotten from the Twi-world. Stephenie Meyer made $750,000 dollars on her first three books, $400,000 on that last book, $5,000,000 from the movie 'Twilight,' and she has an estimated $15,000,000 coming in from the last three movies. Now when we add that all together we come up with the fact that: Stephenie Meyer will make $21,150,000 dollars from the Twi-world when it's over. That's enough to pay off her mini-van!

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