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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Twi-Tattoo, Twi-Vamps In Make-up, Twi-Reunion Scene, Twi-Saga-Movie Companion, and Twi-Stars!

Love it! Check out this tattoo!

Look at how gothic like Dakota looks like in make-up for Jane!
You have to look at these pics! Awesome pics! Rob has been working out and muscles and six-pack are showing! This blogger is right! You can practically see the reunion scene go in your head.
Wait, hold the phone! Hold the freaking phone! Taylor may have an eight pack, but I messed it up, ROBERT PATTINSON HAS AN EIGHT-PACK AND IS GOING SHIRTLESS! AH!!!!!!
View pics of the reunion pics! OME! Don’t ask what the black dots are, because that’s just Weitz getting out his fancy equipment for Edward’s sparkles.

You can preorder the New Moon movie companion on The cover is not official yet. It will be officially available and in stock October 6th, 2009. I personally don’t know if I would buy it, or wait for the movie.

Rob leaving Italy. Everyone is done filming. You know what that means? All they have to do know is edit, over-lay, and get the music, etc.! So exciting! Maybe it'll be out earlier...

P.S. Only four days until one minute sneak peek on MTV awards. May 31st at 9 on MTV Awards. I repeat: May 31st at 9 on MTV Awards. Don’t miss it! One minute sneak peek of New Moon. I wonder what scene they’ll show…

Peace Love Twilight

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