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Monday, May 18, 2009

New Moon News (Try Saying That 10 Times Fast!)

We love Rob right? But how much more drama can we handle? I gurantee you it’s another spoof, and once fans convince him other wise he’ll forget ever mentioning it. Robert Pattinson’s contract is up after Eclipse, he’s considering not coming back for Breaking Dawn. At the end of the sail ride you can’t just decide to jump off! I think soon, he’ll realize, that if he jumps, he can’t swim. So don’t fret yet. It’ll all be fine.

Aw! How cute!
Taylor and Selena out for their third lunch during his shooting. Gosh, as much as I hate seeing him with a girl, it’s nice to see him happy. And how can you ignore that amount of cuteness? I think Taylor’s falling in love. Aw… our little boy’s growing up to be a werewolf. And he’s imprinted all ready.

At the MTV movie awards exclusive real New Moon footage will be released. Lautner, Pattinson, and Stewart will all present it on stage together. Last year the clip of our Edward and James in battlefield mode was released as our one minute sneak, this year… who knows?
May 31st it’s on don’t miss it. They said these clips have never been seen before!

New Moon one of the most anticipated movies of the year. Well, duh!

Twilight the movie is up for some major awards!

Fountains are installed in Montepulciano’s Main Square. Yes the same place that mysterious sign showed up. Suspicous? Yes.
New Moon poster released tomorrow in newspapers! OME! Or OMJ! Or whatever you prefer! I don’t care! I’m so excited!

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