New Moon Countdown

Sunday, May 31, 2009

MTV Round 2

Commercials: That Taco Bell commerical was hilarious. The Hangover movie looks cute too. "Suffering from shaving your bikini line?" NEW CARLISLE CARS! AH! CARLISLE! Lol.

Popcorn man, popcorn guy, NEVER. Lol. You're a star you're a star you're a star.
We can continue to vote for best movie. AH! Twilight Apple! TEXT 5! Twilight.
Another dude from transformers. Tonight is a big deal. A big deal. Best fight!
Lets see! Go James and Edward!
Let's see...
Rob and Cam won it! They won! Oh they're like fighting again. Try slow-mo, totally awesome. "Hello," he had me at hello. In reality Cam would've beat me, Paul McDonald, Kristen and Katherine, they're so cute. I love Cam and Robert. They were all so awesome. 1 of 6 awards down!

M'n'M, eww. Ropert Pattinson wanted to be the first right rapper when he was young. RDog. Lol. Got enough cuss words in there? Gosh. Looks like Miley Cyrus likes M'n'M. Go figure. Jonas Brother to Underwear Model and it looks like M'n'M is next.

Robert Pattinson looked so cute there!

End of round two! Be back after commercial!

Peace Love Twilight

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