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Sunday, May 31, 2009

MTV Awards Round 7

Nice Star Trek thing. "I dare you to do better," very nice.

Cameron Diaz and Abigail Breslin. They're so cute. I've seen them all too, I like this thing. An adult film star. Nominees: Twilight- Kristen Stewart. I didn't know her song...

Hm, the best female preformance. Kristen Stewart Twilight! OMG! OME! She won against all those other peeps? Nuh-uh. Wow! Love her. Nice call out to SM, that was sweet. She needs to work on public speaking. She's so nervous though. She threw her thing! Nice! Hahaha! Good job KStew. Did you see RPattz laughin too? They're so in love, they can't deny it anymore. Poor KStew, she was so nervous.

I like that song, whatever it is.

4 of 6 awards now for the stars. They have one more left to possibly win: best film award. Decode let us down, they have to feel bad being the only twilight part to not win so far...but with all due respect I did kind of see kiss-butt Miley Cyrus winning the award in my head.

Okay, well there you have it.
3 minutes until trailer will be released online, I'll get it up.

Peace Love Twilight

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